Truely Brown Ripped By ‘SW’ Fans: Needs To Grow Up?

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Some Sister Wives fans are not too happy with Truely Brown as they think she needs to grow up and stop ruining family moments. What exactly did Truely do that has some fans so upset? Keep reading for the details.

Truely Brown Ripped By SW Fans: Needs To Grow Up?

Christine Brown and all of her beautiful daughters came together to celebrate Ysabel and Mykelti in honor of their birthdays. The TLC star shared a few photos of herself with all of her daughters on her Instagram. Some of her daughters (including Gwendlyn) followed behind their mother and also shared the photos on their profiles. In the comments on both Gwendlyn’s post and Christine’s post, several fans seemed to take issue with Truely Brown.

Several fans admit they were a bit frustrated with Truely and questioned how old she was because of the way she was behaving in the photos. One fan admitted Truely Brown needed to “grow up” and stop ruining all of the family photos. Here’s what some of the more upset fans had to say:

  • “How old is Truely?? Wondering why she does such silly faces in pics when she’s so pretty being natural & the sock hat in all the other pics has got to go.”
  • “Why can’t Truly act right? We have a fam member who insists on doing this in every picture too. It’s infuriating especially at weddings.”

In Truely’s defense, many Sister Wives fans pointed out that she was just a child and acting like a child. Other fans pointed out that everyone was making goofy faces and poses in the photos, not just Truely. One fan even fired back that one of the critics should look in the mirror and “act right” themselves before judging a child.


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Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Truely Brown has gotten heat for her behavior as some fans argue she acts a bit spoiled and rotten. Moreover, fans were floored a while back when they learned Truely Brown actually bit David Woolley in the hand.

At this time, it does not look like Christine or any of her daughters opted to respond to the criticism Truely was receiving from fans.

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Do you think the upset fans are right about Truely Brown’s behavior? Is she acting a bit childish for someone her age? Or, are fans going too far in attacking her? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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