David Woolley Missing Again Amid Christine Ditching Her Ring

Christine Brown - David Woolley - instagram

David Woolley still appears to be missing following Sister Wives fans spotting Christine Brown without her engagement ring. Is something going on between Christine and her future husband right now? Why does there appear to be so much distance between them right now? Moreover, where is he exactly?

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram

David Woolley Missing Again Amid Christine Ditching Her Ring

Christine Brown shared a couple of photos on her Instagram profile that left her 1.2M followers really scratching their heads. The photos featured Christine with all of her beautiful girls as they posed for a couple of different photos. In the caption, she explained everyone got together to celebrate Ysabel and Mykelti’s birthdays in one big combination party.

I’ve had some beautiful experiences this last weekend. Celebrating @mykeltip & @ysabelpaigebrown Birthdays with my kids was a lovely time. I’m so blessed to have these exceptional people for my kids. #blessedmom #junebabies #lovemylife #familytimefun

Fans loved seeing Christine Brown all smiles with all of her beautiful girls around her. But, the photo did cause a few questions to come up. Where was her future husband, David Woolley? Sister Wives fans wouldn’t have batted an eye seeing these photos without the girls’ father Kody Brown anywhere to be seen. But, fans thought it was a bit strange that David wasn’t somewhere in the photos.


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Part of the reason David Woolley being missing from the photos was so concerning was because Christine had also recently gone on a trip with Truely and he didn’t tag along for that trip either. Likewise, fans realized Christine was NOT wearing her engagement ring during her trip with Truely either.

He Was At The Party Though

David Woolley was missing from Christine Brown’s photos on her profile, but he was confirmed to be at the party. In video clips shared by her girls on their Instagram Stories, it was revealed that David was not only at the party but he chucked some birthday cake directly into Ysabel’s face in honor of her birthday. Fortunately, this means fans probably have nothing to worry about regarding this relationship.

Do you think it is weird that Christine Brown is doing so many things without David Woolley near her right now? Or, do you think it is healthy she’s spending some time with her children without him? Are fans making a big deal out of nothing? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on Sister Wives.

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