‘SW:’ David Woolley Clobbers Ysabel Brown In The Face [Video]

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Not only was David Woolley in attendance of Mykelti and Ysabel’s birthday party (despite some claims he wasn’t there) but he was caught on camera as he clobbered Ysabel in the face. Why exactly did he clobber Ysabel Brown in the face? And, why are people claiming he wasn’t at this birthday party when he was? Keep reading for the details.

Why Fans Think He Wasn’t There

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Sister Wives fans have expressed some concerns about the status of Christine and David’s relationship recently. He didn’t tag along with Christine and Truely when they went to the wax museum. Christine Brown was photographed without her engagement ring.

And, then she shared photos of her daughters embracing her at Mykelti and Ysabel’s birthday celebration without David anywhere to be seen. Fortunately, some Instagram Stories clips from the party reveal that not only was David at the party. But, he managed to clobber Ysabel in the face.

Ysabel Brown David Woolley Instagram
Photo Credit: @ysabelpaigebrown Instagram

SW: David Woolley Clobbers Ysabel Brown In The Face

In a very brief clip shared via Instagram Stories, David Woolley is seen winding up before clobbering one of the birthday girls (Ysabel) in the face with some birthday cake. Roars of chuckling could be heard in the background as everyone thought the moment was hilarious. Ysabel could be seen with her mouth open wide in shock before wiping some of the icing off of her face as the brief video clip ended.

Check out the moment David clobbered her in the face with the birthday cake down below:

Sister Wives fans were HERE for seeing this playful side of David Woolley. They thought it was great how comfortable he was with Christine’s children. And, they also believed David was doing a pretty good job at giving Christine’s girls a father experience they never got from Kody.

Some fans even speculate David would have absolutely been there for Ysabel when she was terrified about having her surgery. As fans recall, it was that betrayal that was the last straw for Christine as she couldn’t stand for Kody breaking Ysabel’s heart when she needed him.

Did you think David Woolley clobbering Ysabel Brown in the face with some birthday cake was hilarious? Do you think she ever got to enjoy this playful experience with her father Kody? Or, is David stepping up to give them the experience they never had? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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