Al Roker’s Wife Deborah Roberts Spent Evening Crying In Bed

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The Today Show meteorologist Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts admits she spent an evening crying in her bed over the weekend. Fans of the Good Morning America correspondent wondered if she was alright as she had just recently injured herself while on one of her runs with her running buddy, Nick. Was she crying in her bed because of her injury? Did something happen to her husband, Al Roker? Or, were the tears for something else entirely?

Al Roker’s Wife Deborah Roberts Spent Evening Crying In Bed

Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts had a pretty relaxing and emotional weekend. On Saturday, she took to her Instagram to tell her followers it was “National Rose Day.” So, she was falling back on a day earlier in the week. A day that she worked late, got home to a silent house, and found a sweet meal waiting for her from her husband Al Roker.

My fave. A half chicken sandwich. I nearly cried. The simplicity. The thoughtful touch. And a glass of rose’.”

Her emotionally-charged weekend continued to flow into Sunday when she made the decision to curl up in her bed with a good book. Deborah Roberts took to her Instagram Stories to share a snap of her curling up with the book. She, however, underestimated just how good the book was and she ended up spending most of the evening crying because of the mood the book left her in.

Deborah Roberts - Instagram
Deborah Roberts – Instagram

“I may just be crying all evening.” She admitted in a caption attached to the photo. She also exclaimed “Wow!” in regard to the book she was currently diving into.

In the comments of her post from Saturday, her fans joined her in praising her husband noting that he knew exactly the right way to treat a woman. Here’s some of what her followers had to say about her sweet interaction with her husband:

  • “So very thoughtful! I’d cry too!”
  • “You have the best husband”
  • “Al is such a gem ❤️ Hope you all have a happy weekend!”

Overall, her followers were in agreement they were an adorable couple. And, they hoped Al and Deborah enjoyed their weekend together.

Deborah Roberts - Instagram
Deborah Roberts – Instagram

Can you relate to Al Roker’s wife curling up in bed over the weekend with a book that is so good it left her crying for hours? Are you glad she finds time to relax and unwind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to Tv Shows Ace for all your talk show related news.

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