Fans Blast ‘Pump Rules’ For ‘Underwhelming’ Reveal

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Fans are blasting Vanderpump Rules for the ‘underwhelming’ bombshell reveal. It had been hyped up so much that production had told the cast not to sign their contracts. They asked them to wait until the final part of the reunion aired to decide if they wanted to come back. This made viewers think that it had to be something epic that was about to come out. Unfortunately, fans were left with little to be desired and quite disappointed. Read on for their reactions.

Fans Blast Vanderpump Rules For ‘Underwhelming’ Reveal

In the preview for the three-part Vanderpump Rules reunion, viewers were told to wait until the last five minutes. A bombshell was going to be dropped and even the cast had no idea what it was. Alex Baskin, who has been with the series since its inception, said this would leave heads rolling. As part three of the reunion went on, Raquel Leviss was in the lion’s den while she got attacked by most of her cast mates. Tom Sandoval stood by Raquel as he had been having an affair with her for seven months while still in a relationship with Ariana Madix. They had been together for nine years and Leviss was her best friend.

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Many speculated what this bombshell was and then the reunion wrapped and Leviss gave her final confessional. It ultimately boiled down to her and Tom Sandoval lying about the timeline of their affair. Though they tried to claim they were only intimate once, she shared that was not true and it was a constant thing. He just did not want to look bad or hurt anyone. This was not so big that anyone was blown away. Fans soon took to Twitter to share their frustration. Soooo… the “bombshell” was just a bunch of details we already knew/assumed to be true just said by Rachel? Im so underwhelmed,” one tweeted.

Another added: “The way @andy and the producers gaslit us into thinking there would be this bombshell reveal…” “Me the next morning still waiting for that Vanderpump Rules Finale ‘bombshell,'” a fan tweeted with a meme of a man floating in water. Essentially, it was clear that viewers wanted their jaws to be on the floor but they just got information they pretty much knew.

Secrets Revealed

Next Wednesday, Vanderpump Rules will air Secrets Revealed so maybe there will be a new special nugget. That might make up for this epic letdown. However, Bravo may owe their faithful followers an apology for leading them on all of this time. It also seems like this is not big enough for the cast not sign on again. Lala Kent did say she had faith that they would be just fine.

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