‘Vanderpump Rules’ Bombshell Dropped, What Is It?

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The Season 10 Vanderpump Rules reunion has come to an end and that means the epic bombshell has been dropped. This was supposed to be so big, the cast was told not to sign on for Season 11 until they saw the last part. As of Tuesday, June 6th, Lala Kent had yet to see part three. Yet, she was confident everything would ultimately be okay. So, what was this bombshell that could jeopardize the show? Read on for more details.

Vanderpump Rules Bombshell Dropped, What Is It?

The season is over and Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss maintained that they had only been intimate one time. Their Vandeprump Rules co-stars did not believe it and even challenged the couple. However, they kept holding on to this idea that it was one time. Just once. The reunion ended and then it went to a confessional. There was Raquel and six days had gone by. She was ready to do one more sit down where she could finally be honest. What was she being honest about? The timeline of her affair with Sandoval.

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As it turns out, they had been intimate while they were in Mexico for Scheana Shay’s wedding. Now, a short time back, Scheana had noted that Raquel got a private room so that she and Sandoval could be together. It was not just once in Mexico but it was multiple times and his long-time girlfriend, Ariana Madix was there, as well. However, she was still in the dark as to what was going on. She had no idea that Sandoval was being unfaithful the entire time despite it seemingly happening right in front of her. Additionally, Raquel and Tom Sandoval claimed they did not sleep together while Ariana was away when her grandmother passed.

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This was untrue. Essentially, they had been physical and intimate since August 2022 and it never stopped. At one point, Raquel Leviss even suggested that she join in with the couple as loved Tom Sandoval so much. The hardest part was that she claimed she hated lying and was scared that Tom would “kill her” for being honest. She added it does not get much worse than sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend while they are mourning their late grandma.


Lala Kent appeared on WWHL right after Vanderpump Rules and she said she felt like she took a hit of acid upon seeing the big reveal. She did not know how to process it just yet and it seems like it might take time for everyone to really get through this. Yet, Raquel did cry for the first time in the past three weeks so that was a switch for her.

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