‘One Piece’ Goes On Hiatus, Why?

eiichiro oda
Nick Davis

One Piece will be going on hiatus for a month due to an issue with series creator Eiichiro Oda

The dedication of One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda to his creation has never been in doubt. It’s a veteran story in the anime and manga world. The manga has been ongoing since 1997 and has more than one hundred volumes in print. The anime has been going since 1999 and is planning to air its 1,065th episode as of writing this. Eiichiro’s work is on hold for the first time in a long time, however, due to a sudden medical operation.

Eiichiro On Hiatus

The announcement came via the official Twitter account for One Piece recently about the hiatus. The translation from Japanese to English states the manga is on hold until mid-July due to Eiichiro Oda’s surgery.

The creator is having surgery, it is apparently for Oda’s eyes due to his astigmatism. It’s a pretty common procedure many people with similarly problematic vision get to see better. It makes sense that it will put him out of commission, though, since his vision will be notably worse as he recovers.

Stopping work on One Piece for surgery must kill Oda. In the past, the manga writer worked from the hospital on One Piece after an operation to remove an abscess on his tonsils. If he was willing to work through that, he’s more than likely willing to work through almost anything. This is an issue affecting his eyes, though, and it’s a little difficult to draw with eyes in recovery. Hopefully, he’s able to make a fast recovery and is back working on his multiple projects soon.

The Future Of One Piece

On top of Oda’s tireless work on his manga and anime, there is also a live-action One Piece series coming to Netflix. Oda isn’t necessarily so involved in the making of the anime nowadays, but his input on the Netflix series is high. So high that Netflix has given Oda permission to hold back the show until he feels the quality is in a place he deems acceptable. Currently, the release of the first season is set for 2023. But the series could be held back into 2024 if Eiichiro isn’t happy with its current state.

Oda’s strict control over the live-action show may be the only thing to save it, considering Netflix’s past track record with anime live-action adaptations on the platform. It’s unlikely Oda would let it reach screens if it wouldn’t meet the expectations of the dedicated fanbase.

one piece anime cast
The main cast of ‘One Piece’ the anime

The One Piece manga will resume printing new chapters on July 18th. Episode 1,065 of the anime is premiering on June 11th. And the first season of the live-action series is set to launch sometime in 2023.

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