Michael Allio Shows Huge Support For Danielle Maltby, Why?

Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio via Insta

Bachelor in Paradise alum Michael Allio is showing huge support for Danielle Maltby. They both seem to always support each other in a lot of ways but this time it’s all business. Why is he offering a show of support right now? Keep reading to find out more.

Michael Allio supports Danielle Maltby

Bachelor Nation shared how Michael Allio was there to support his girlfriend Danielle Maltby. She and Michael met and fell in love on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. They didn’t get engaged but they did leave together and made plans to pursue their relationship further. They have done just that.

Earlier this year, Danielle packed up her life in Nashville and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. The two made the decision to not live together until they know for certain it will be forever. Plus, they didn’t want to rush things with Michael’s son James.

Now, Danielle’s new job is opening up their business. She is a registered nurse and aesthetic clinician who loves helping people. The company she works for is called Skin Center. On the opening day, Michael showed his support to Danielle on social media.

Danielle and Michael via INsta 3

He shared photos from Danielle’s big day and said, “Today is a big day, Danielle has the Skin Center’s grand opening today. I think there are going to be around 300 people there, I’m just trying to show Dani some love. She’s super excited and I’m pumped!”

Danielle showed appreciation for Michael by resharing his story and saying, “Ladies — hold out for a man that will love you like this!”

Danielle and Michael via Insta 4

They are always bragging about each other

These two lovebirds are always showing support for one another. Danielle has noted multiple times how Michael is such a good father. He also frequently compliments her.

Once before, Michael has said the best moments he spends with Danielle are the quiet times. He previously said, “In the early waking hours of the day or at night, when the world slows and your mind begins its descent back to a place more familiar, comfortable, and safe. It’s a place I love coming home to.”

It’s obvious she feels the same way.

Michael Allio with James at graduation via INsta

Aside from celebrating Danielle’s place of business opening up, Michael is also celebrating James graduating from Kindergarten.

What do you think about their love for one another and all the support they share? Do you think they will end up married?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor faves.

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