Michael Allio Says Danielle Maltby Is Comfortable And Safe

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby just keep melting hearts with their love. The two met on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise and bonded over both having lost someone. Michael lost his wife and Danielle lost her fiancé to cancer and a drug overdose respectively. Michael won fans over on Katie Thurston’s season and had a good chance at being the winner of her heart.

He found being away from his son too difficult and left the show leaving Katie upset. Danielle started her journey during Nick Viall’s turn as the lead and was sent home before hometowns. She appeared on Bachelor in Paradise shortly after, and left to go volunteer as a nurse in Africa. When she returned to the beach she and Michael fell quickly. Read on to see his favorite moments so far with his girlfriend.

Michael Allio Said The Best Moments Are The Quiet Times

Michael Allio shared on Instagram that in the early hours when your mind travels back to a safe place, she is, “a place I love coming home to.” According to Bachelor Nation Danielle commented back, “my sweet and slow love.” One fan said that they were their favorite couple from Bachelor nation and that they were the most genuine.

Michael Allio, Instagram
Michael Allio, Instagram

Another said, “I love that you guys seem so real.” Danielle moved to Cleveland to be closer to Michael and the two show no signs of slowing down in their romantic journey.  She shared Michael has been her rock between struggles with freezing her eggs and facing the anniversary of finding her fiancé when he overdosed. More so, she has been there for him as he faced the anniversary of losing his wife to cancer.

They’ve been careful in making a safe place for his son as well. Danielle is in new territory with his son and they introduced Danielle as a friend. Michael said they immediately bonded and she loves watching him be a dad to the six-year-old, James.

Danielle Fells The Same Way About Him

Michael Allio is lucky because Danielle feels the same way about him. She also posted her feelings on her Instagram. The nurse said she felt refreshed in their love after realizing the space they, “give each other to feel and safe place to land together.” She said they give each other room to be themselves and be sad or frustrated when they want to.

Michael Allio, Instagram
Michael Allio, Instagram

Danielle shared that feelings of fear and grief can be amplified between them because they’ve both lost someone before. They understand each other in a way a lot of people could not. How do you feel about Michael and Danielle’s journey? Please read more about their lives together here. Comment with your thoughts below.

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