Michael Allio, Danielle Maltby Update, Their Plans For 2023

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Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby officially met in person on Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. They hit it off instantly and were inseparable from the moment she walked on the beach. They’ve been sharing updates and details about the time they spend together. They ended 2022 together, so what are their plans for 2023? Keep reading to find out more.

Michael Allio, Danielle Maltby updates fans, share plans for 2023

This past week has been big for Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby. The two traveled to meet Danielle’s family where she introduced Michael to snowmobiling. She noted he is hooked and loved it. It looks like the two had a blast with her family. She shared video and pics from their time spent with her family on Instagram.

Next up during a road trip to Chicago, Danielle and Michael did a little Q&A with fans. Of course, one of the biggest questions was when Danielle is taking the plunge and moving to Ohio. The answer is that Danielle is wrapping up a few loose ends and plans to be in Ohio no later than mid February. They shared that she will be going to hopefully finalize some things in the next week or so.

Another question fans really wanted to know was what James calls her. Michael said he calls her Danny or a funny version of Danielle. The happy couple also shared that James is glad Danielle will be moving to Ohio. The two of them get along great. Michael couldn’t have asked for a better companion to be around his young son.

michael and danielle via Instagram


They brought in 2023 together

Michael and Danielle spent New Year’s Eve together and both looked stunning. She shared multiple pictures on Instagram along with a caption saying, “Happy New Year and happy hydration to all who participated 🥰💋🥂Worth the Hangover. PS- Sheer dresses are the new ripped jeans for parentals 😂”

Along with the group of photos she shared everyone can see through her sheer dress. She showed a photo of a text from her mom in which her mom commented asking her where the rest of her dress was. Her mom then commented nice underwear. The last photo was a selfie from the two of them in bed.


Michael also shared photos of their special evening together.

It looks like 2023 will be a great year for Michael and Danielle. Do you think they will take their relationship to the next level this year? Perhaps a possible engagement?

Stay tuned for more updates on this hot couple.


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