‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Sidian Jones Kickstarts New Venture

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Seeking Sister Wife star Sidian Jones is kickstarting his new venture. He has found something that he is extremely passionate about and is excited to share it with the world. More so, he is hopeful that followers will see it, be just as intrigued by the concept, and help him get it off of the ground. So, what exactly is the father of three trying to launch? Read on for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Sidian Jones Kickstarts New Venture

When Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife ended, Sidian Jones had a few things on his plate. First off, he was continuing to pursue his romance with his Philippino love, Arielle. Along with that, he announced that his family was starting a YouTube channel and he was looking for topic suggestions. That seemed to be the next avenue he and his partner, Tosha were traveling. Then, recently, Tosha revealed that things had ended between Sidian and Arielle. It was great that they had found love but this was not the right journey so they were moving on.

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Fortunately, Sidian Jones has an exciting new project that he is working on. It is called Mythic Color: A Personal Mythology Guide and it is a book unlike any other. Per its Kickstarter, this is how it is described: “Mythic Color is a vibrantly prismatic book of color meanings that takes all ages deeper into understanding color than anything ever before; and deeper into understanding themselves with Personal Mythology.”

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Sidian Jones explains that the concept for this book was spawned when he was actually a teenager. Yet, maybe he was unaware at the time of his true purpose. He recalls playing video games with his friends until he wanted to find a deeper meaning. Sidian got into music and writing, hoping he could change the world. Soon, he got into reading the works of Dr. Stanley Krippner and the timing was perfect. Jones was going through an extremely transformative period in his life and Krippner changed his life in so many ways.

Creating Something For The Masses

Sidian Jones soon wanted to find a way to bring all people together as one to further expand their ideas. Yet, he wanted it to be bother “exciting” and “fun” which is not an easy feat. Personal Mythology has stayed the same for over thirty years but Sidian was determined to modernize and revolutionize the concept. *Personal Mythology: It’s the story you tell yourself about who you are and why you are here. It’s based on your beliefs, values, experiences, and dreams. It gives meaning and direction to your life.*

Sidian Jones has created a comprehensive and colorful book that is intriguing for all who want to find a deeper sense of self. More so, it allows one to connect to their inner spirituality and creativity. The Kickstarter goal has been set at 8K and so far, it has made almost $1500. There are two weeks left to go from June 1st so this is definitely an achievable mission. Please feel free to see what it is all about and maybe help make this dream a reality.

Does Personal Mythology intrigue you in any way? Let us know what you think about it all in the comments below.

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