‘SSW’ Sidian Jones Asks Fans For Help With New Business

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Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife ended quite well for Sidian Jones and his wife Tosha. With all of that success, they have decided to launch a new business. The father of three took to his Facebook to share the details. Furthermore, he asked his followers for advice and direction. So, what exactly are the Joneses getting into now? Read on for more details.

Sidian Jones Shares What’s Next

Now that this season of Seeking Sister Wife is over, the cast is back to their regularly scheduled lives. Sidian and his family are taking a big leap. On his Facebook page, he announced that they are starting their own YouTube show. He did not include who would be featured on it. However, he did take the time to ask his followers for some help: “I’d love to hear some of your ideas on what you’d like to see. Comment below and let me know.” Of course, ideas galore piled in that ran the gamut so they will definitely never be short of topics. Here are some things fans would like to see:

Sidian and Tosha Jones/YouTube

  • “Obviously a how-to vlog on Toshas cookies. Remember, you have to show the internet food.”
  • “A day in the life of…. Both of you separate and together.”
  • “Just everyday things, cooking, family things, talking with other families that have been on the show.”
  • “I liked the idea of interviews with other cast members!”

Of course, there was the question if Sidian and Tosha would be returning to SSW. That is very valid considering where the duo left off at the end of the season.

How Their Story Ended

When Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife ended, it was actually quite positive for Tosha and Sidian Jones. The couple had not had much luck in the past trying to find a sister wife to add to their family. Season 3, which was their first season, was a disaster for them. They started really actively looking prior to the pandemic hitting. For the Joneses, they were more about looking for love in person and not online. Unfortunately, they were shot down, the world became a mess, and the Internet became the best resource. Unfortunately, it left them empty-handed though with some new experiences.

Sidian and Tosha Jones/YouTube

Season 4 was much more promising as they had Arielle from the Philippines. Tosha had met her through work and it was just a great vibe. Eventually, Sidian traveled over to see her and they clicked really well though there were some nerves all around. By the time the season was over, they were applying for Arielle’s K-1 visa so she could come to America. If this happens, there may not be a need for them if the show is renewed for another season. However, if it fails, then viewers might want them back.

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