‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Tosha Jones Gives Arielle Update

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Seeking Sister Wife star Tosha Jones is giving an update on her relationship with Arielle. She and her partner, Sidian, had started to court Arielle prior to Season 4. However, the beauty queen lived in the Philippines. So, Sidian packed up all of his stuff and headed there to see if there was any chemistry. Clearly, there was but what happened when the cameras stopped rolling? Tosha made a video diary that included an update.

Seeking Sister Wife: Tosha Jones Gives Arielle Update

In Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife, Sidian and Tosha Jones finally thought that they had found the one. After feeling a lot of heartbreak the prior season, it looked like the stars had aligned. They were courting Arielle from the Philippines and it seemed to be going really well. Especially once Sidian headed over to see her and actually spend time with Arielle. Though viewers got to see their romance play out, Tosha Jones made her own personal diary of the journey.

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She started with Sidian leaving for a month to be with Arielle. Prior to that, their potential sister wife seemed so excited to be with both of them. Then, Sidian made his way to Arielle where they had the most amazing time. This thrilled Tosha to no end as she felt that her dreams were finally becoming a reality. While he was in the Philippines, Sidian was going to propose if things went well. In the video diary, posted to TikTok, Tosha is crying after she learns that Arielle had accepted his proposal.

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Soon enough, Sidian is on the plane home and they know that there is a lot that needs to be figured out to get Arielle to the states. Sadly, the video concluded with a very sad message. They ultimately made the decision to part ways for a few reasons. Of course, their lifestyle is very different in America and it might be quite rough for Arielle. Furthermore, Tosha and Sidian had no idea how long this relationship would be long distance. Therefore, it was best to end it mutually.

Another Chance?

Now that Arielle is no longer with Tosha and Sidian Jones, this could open them up for another season of Seeking Sister Wife. This is the lifestyle that they want to live. Unfortunately, it just has not clicked in the right way for them. Had Arielle been from America, things may have been dramatically different. No word on when the engagement ended but obviously, the Joneses will need time to recover and rebuild. Yet, if they still want this lifestyle, the door is probably open for them to return.

Would you like to see Tosha and Sidian back on another season of Seeking Sister Wife? Plus, are you surprised that the engagement ended? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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