Christine Brown QUITS, Snubs Meri In Final Farewell

Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Instagram

Christine Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives dropped a bombshell on her fans and followers yesterday when she announced her decision to quit. As part of her final farewell, Kody Brown’s former wife seemingly made the effort to snub her former sister wife, Meri, on her way out the door. What exactly did she announce she was quitting? And, how did she take a dig at Meri on her way out the door? Keep reading for a breakdown of this Sister Wives bombshell.

Christine Brown QUITS, Snubs Meri In Final Farewell

TLC personality Christine Brown took to her 54K strong Facebook group yesterday to announce her decision to quit the LuLaRoe business. Sadly, Christine decided she was closing down her LuLaRoe business. She proceeded to thank her followers for her support. She didn’t fully explain why she was walking away.

But, fans assume she wanted to free up some of her time to be with her fiance David Woolley. Likewise, her LuLaRoe business allowed her to support the “family pot” when she was married to Kody. She no longer has a financial obligation to Kody, Robyn, Janelle, or Meri. So, it is also possible she just doesn’t need as much money anymore.

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram

Moreover, Christine Brown has also been very successful in pushing her Plexus business as she continues to lose weight. So, it is just possible she’s decided to switch gears and focus on her Plexus business instead.

In her final farewell post, Christine Brown told her loyal followers her daughter Mykelti was still with the business. And, she encouraged everyone to head over to Mykelti if they still had an interest in buying LuLaRoe products. Fans clocked this being a subtle snub at Meri Brown on her way out the door.

After all, Meri Brown also had a successful LuLaRoe business. And, Christine Brown didn’t refer any of her 54K members of her Facebook group to check out Meri. Instead, she encouraged them all to shuffle over to her daughter Mykelti.

Mykelti Padron Instagram
Mykelti Padron Instagram

She Wants To Cook With Fans

Now, the TLC personality did admit that she doesn’t want to stop going live with fans as she really enjoys it. She, however, wishes to shift gears and focus more on cooking because that is what she is most passionate about at this point in time in her life. And, in leaving Kody and finding love with David, Christine Brown is all about living her best life.

Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube
Meri Brown – Christine Brown – Youtube

Were you surprised to learn Christine Brown decided to quit her successful business? Do you agree it felt a little like she was taking a dig at Meri on her way out the door? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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