When Will New Episodes Of ‘WWHL’ Return To Bravo?

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When will new episodes of WWHL return to Bravo? Out of nowhere, the show stopped airing and no one seemed to be aware of it. Fans are used to cast members from their favorite shows appearing alongside Andy Cohen after new episodes air. Yet, that has not happened in a little while. When will the show be back? Read on for more details.

When Will New Episodes Of WWHL Return To Bravo?

WWHL seemed to stop airing and fans really depended on it. These are really pivotal times in the Bravo world as last week was part one of the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Plus, it was Teresa Giudice’s big wedding special on RHONJ. Now, this week, it was the first part of the Jersey reunion which was a huge deal. Now, Wednesday, May 31st, part two of the Pump Rules reunion will air. Keep in mind, the extended and uncensored version of the reunion airs Thursdays on Peacock so that is definitely a conversation piece. The last big guest was Ariana Madix after the VR Season 10 finale.

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So, when can fans expect Andy to return to their evenings and Peacock the next day? According to a tweet, this is what they had to say:#WWHL is on hiatus until Sunday, June 4th! #SummerHouseMV stars Bria Fleming and Amir Lancaster will be our first guests when we return!” Upon learning this news, fans of the show were not happy at all. “Nooooo we need u on Vanderpump Wednesday especially,” one shared. Another asked: “How are you going to be on hiatus during Teresa’s wedding special and the Vanderpump reunion?” This was a common theme in the tweets.

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Fans wanted Andy Cohen and his crew to have a great break. However, they felt it was poorly timed especially with all of the big events that were happening. “Seriously when we just saw the Jersey trailer and VPR reunion is starting?!! Y’all need to get it together #WWHL.” Fortunately, it will return just in time for part two of the RHONJ reunion and the last part of the Pump Rules reunion. There is supposedly something epic coming out that could change the trajectory of the show. 

Upcoming Guests

So far, the only WWHL guests that fans know about are from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. Yet, it should be interesting to see who he has on RHONJ Tuesday and Vanderpump Wednesday. Do not forget that RHOC returns on June 7th so that should also be an interesting night. A lot of great things are coming up in the Bravo world so hang tight. The show will be back soon.

Did you know WWHL was on hiatus? Let us know in the comments below and remember it is on hiatus until June 4th.


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