What Could Prevent The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast From Filming?

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What could prevent the Vanderpump Rules cast from filming together in the near future? The cast has already allegedly been told not to sign their Season 11 contracts. Apparently, a bomb is going to be dropped at the current three-part reunion that could change everything. Yet, there could be other factors that make filming a struggle. Read on for more details.

What Could Prevent The Vanderpump Rules Cast From Filming?

Though the show has been renewed for Season 11, the cast has yet to sign on for another year. Furthermore, it is unclear who will actually be back for another round. It appears that Raquel Leviss may not be signing on again for personal reasons but is there more to the story? According to the Instagram account @facereality16, rumors are flying that they may be filming at Schwartz & Sandy’s. This is the restaurant co-owned by Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. A text was posted talking about how they were at the restaurant lounge and the waitress told them that a bunch of the staff was going to be on the show.

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This was allegedly back in April but the other person in the text asked if they were going over to SUR or S&S? So, will the staff from the Toms’ restaurant be going to SUR to film? That is where the action happens. It was then confirmed that they would be filming at Schwartz & Sandy’s. Keep in mind Lisa Vanderpump has no stake in this restaurant with the boys. She only co-owns TomTom with the. At the reunion, Ariana Madix was emphatic that she would not be going to any of the places that the Toms owned. This included the ones they owned with LVP. 

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It was proposed that maybe this was a spinoff they were doing but with the backlash after ‘Scandoval,’ that is doubtful. Yet, another rumor has been circulated that they were moving the show to Las Vegas. When PUMP closed, LVP reiterated that she and her family had new ventures in Vegas. As seen on the show, they are quite successful on the Vegas scene. However, does anyone from the cast want to move there?

Filming Together?

Ariana Madix said she would welcome coming back for Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules. Of course, she has no desire to film with her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. If Raquel Leviss comes back, she won’t want to be near her either. More so, which members of the cast will want to film with Leviss or Sandoval? Sandoval has Schwartz and possibly LVP but there are many factors to consider. If they film at Schwartz & Sandy’s, the employees are forced to be nice to Tom Sandoval. So, this could be holding up production, trying to make these locations work for everyone. Or, this could just be another rumor with little to no merit. Time will tell.

Do you think that there is any truth to the show moving to Schwartz & Sandy’s? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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