Lala Kent’s Ex, Randall Emmett’s World Crumbling Fast & Furious?

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Is Lala Kent’s ex-fiance, Randall Emmett’s world crumbling fast and furiously? It seems that the Vanderpump Rules alum and producer is struggling worse than ever before. It is bad enough that a scathing Hulu documentary was made about him and the way that he operates. Now, the rug seems to be completely being pulled out from underneath him. What exactly is going on? Read on for more details.

Lala Kent’s Ex, Randall Emmett’s World Crumbling Fast & Furious?

When Lala Kent and Randall Emmett parted ways, it was not on good terms. She had learned that he had been unfaithful and had lied a lot to her. Additionally, she discovered her engagement ring was not even what she believed it was so more and more harsh secrets came out. They needed a mediator to be able to communicate, mainly because they share a daughter, Ocean, now 2. It has been hard for some people to find sympathy for Kent as she supposedly started dating him when he was still married. However, she claims that he said that he and Ambyr Childers were separated.

Randall Emmett Called 'Petty' For Latest Instagram Post [Credit: Instagram]
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Recently, a Hulu doc came out about Randal Emmett and it featured many people who worked with him. They alleged he made them use their own funds to run his errands and they were living on basically nothing. More so, he was inappropriate and it was constantly an uncomfortable work environment. He bashed the claims as false but now it seems that his life is getting worse by the moment.  According to @bravosnarkside, Randall’s home is now in pre-foreclosure.


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Apparently, the home has been on the market for a while now. Since it is not selling and he possibly can not pay for it, this is the next option. It is estimated at four and a half million dollars with five bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. As for size, it is 4,276 square feet. This appears to be the home that he was renovating with Lala Kent when they were first engaged in Season 8. She now has a home in Palm Springs next to Scheana Shay.

Fan Reactions

So, what do fans have to say about Randall Emmett’s home being in pre-foreclosure? It seemed they were happy to see it. “Oop! His house of cards is crumbling,” one wrote. Another added: “Karma! He’s been pretending to be done successful producers for years…😂😂” Of course, there were many followers who really felt bad for his three daughters, and understandably so. Now, he may be able to come back from this if he comes up with the funds but only time will tell.

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