Benedict Cumberbatch & His Family Victims Of Frightening Attack

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Benedict Cumberbatch, known best for his role as Dr. Stephen Strange a.k.a Marvel’s Doctor Strange, and his family were the victims of a frightening attack by a man wielding a knife at their home in London. Are the actor, his wife, and their three children alright? What happened to the knife-wielding man that attacked the London home?

Benedict Cumberbatch & His Family Victims Of Frightening Attack

A 35-year-old named Jack Bissell reportedly smashed his way through the actor’s iron gate in front of the home. He proceeded to rip an intercom off of the wall before shouting a plethora of scary threats at Benedict Cumberbatch and his family.

Jack Bissell, who The Daily Mail reports has yet to explain his reasoning for attacking the Doctor Strange actor’s home, reportedly shouted: “I know you’ve moved here, I hope it burns down.”

The 46-year-old Marvel actor, his wife Sophie Hunter, and their three children Kit, 7, Hal, 6, and Finn, born in 2019, were inside of the home at the time of the attack. The family could hear the 35-year-old smashing his way through the garden outside of the home as he continued to shout.

Later identified as a former chef of the Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair, Jack proceeded to yank one of the plants from the garden and toss it at the wall. He reportedly spat at the intercom before using the knife in his possession to break it loose.

A source confirms Benedict Cumberbatch and his entire family were terrified this man would leave the garden, get into the home, and hurt someone with his knife. Fortunately, he never made it inside the home.

Sadly, not getting in the home wasn’t enough to subside how scary the situation was as both Benedict and his wife Sophie struggle with sleepless nights as they fear being victims again.

Jack Bissell initially fled the scene. He, however, was later arrested because he spat on the intercom and left his DNA all over it.

Hit With Restraining Order

Jack Bissell was hit with a £250 fine as well as a three-year restraining order that barred him from coming near the Marvel star or his family. Shockingly prosecutors were also able to confirm that Jack made a purchase at a nearby shop and told the owner of the shop he planned to break into Benedict Cumberbatch’s home so he could burn it to the ground.

While it was clear this was a targeted attack, it is unclear why Jack wanted to burn Benedict Cumberbatch’s home to the ground. In court, he offered no explanation.

Marvel fans and fans of Doctor Strange can rest easy knowing that while Benedict Cumberbatch and his family are shaken over the situation, they were not physically harmed.

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