Lauren Duggar Busted With Baby Bump In Rare New Picture?

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Was former Counting On star Lauren Duggar busted with a baby bump in a rare new picture? She is seldom in family photos and has disappeared from social media. So, fans don’t know whether Lauren and her husband, Josiah Duggar, have added any new little ones to their family. But a recent photo seems to suggest she has another baby on the way. Keep reading for all of the details, and scroll down to see the picture.

What’s the latest on Josiah & Lauren Duggar?

Josiah and Lauren have disappeared from social media. Their Instagram profile is now private and they have deleted all of their photos. Fans haven’t gotten an update from them in a couple of years. The only confirmed child they have is Bella, who will turn four in November 2023.

Lauren Duggar and Josiah
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There has been heavy speculation about Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s growing family. In a vlog posted at Christmastime, a gift label read, “Josiah, Lauren, Bella, and Daisy.” Fans think they spotted a second child in another vlog as well.

Now, fans think Josiah and Lauren have recently welcomed a baby boy to their family. There was a baby registry going around with their names on it and a May due date. It had baby boy items on it, which would explain why they would make a registry for their third child.

Unfortunately, none of this has been confirmed by the Duggars themselves. Now, there seems to be more proof that the couple’s family has grown.

Was the former Counting On star busted with a baby bump?

On TikTokMrs. Kickstand posted a never-before-seen photo of Hannah (Jeremiah Duggar’s wife), Katey (Jedidiah Duggar’s wife), Lauren (Josiah Duggar’s wife), and Abbie (John-David Duggar’s wife). In the snap, Hannah is holding her daughter, Brynley, who was born in December 2022 and Abbie has her son, Charlie, in her arms. He arrived in September 2022.

The TikTok user who posted it edited her post to say it was taken in April at a baby shower. She said, “The shower was a joint shower for Katey and Lauren.” 

In the picture, Katey is pregnant, which is known by fans. She’s due to have her daughter, Nora Kate, in May 2023. Surprisingly, it looks like Lauren Duggar is pregnant too.

TikTok - Mrs. Kickstand - Lauren Duggar
TikTok – Mrs. Kickstand – Lauren Duggar

On RedditDuggar snarkers are discussing the photo, and many are sure that Lauren is pregnant. This picture comes amid talks about the official grandchild count, according to Jim Bob Duggar. If Lauren is pregnant or recently gave birth, Jim Bob’s total would make sense.

One fan said, “Wild that Lauren has 3 now (or will have her 3rd soon). I definitely believe this solves the confusion.” Someone else added, “She’s probably had the baby by now. The registry that leaked had a due date of May 5.” 

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So, do you think this is proof that Lauren Duggar is expecting her second or third child? Why do you think she’s staying out of the public eye? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the growing family.

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