Maci Bookout Teases Big News Coming

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Maci Bookout of Teen Mom is teasing that big news is coming, but she isn’t giving the fans very many clues. Everyone is trying to figure out if she is joining another reality show or what is going on with her.

Maci Bookout Teases News

Maci Bookout went to her Instagram to tease big news with fans, but it is hard to figure out what is going on. You can check out the post below. She posted a picture of her family along with the caption, “We have very exciting news coming your way soon!!! 🤪.” After that, she tagged some brands that she worked with on the photo shoot, but then she also put a big clue at the end. Maci said, “- no we aren’t pregnant -.” That was of course one guess that fans had but she shot that one down pretty fast.

What Could It Be?

The fans are going crazy in the comments trying to figure out what Maci Bookout is about to reveal. She didn’t share how soon the news is coming out either. Some of the guys are that it is a reality show based on her life and her family only. That would be great to see Maci with her husband Taylor McKinney and their children Bentley, Jayde, and Maverick. Bentley is growing up and just graduated from the 8th grade. Since the picture is of Maci’s entire family and not just her you can assume it is a family announcement.

Another guess was that it could be a podcast, but Maci already has a podcast called The Expired Podcast, which is a crime-based podcast. She could have decided to do a new one that is based more on her life, parenting, or something else, though.

Bentley and Taylor both have shirts on that say, Los Angeles, California on them. This has some fans guessing that they are making a big move as a family. A lot of fans are disappointed that it isn’t pregnancy news, but Maci actually asked Taylor to get a vasectomy so you can assume that they are probably done having children.

What do you think that Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is going to announce? Sound off in the comments below.

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