‘Unexpected:’ Rilah Ferrer’s Ex, Anthony, Arrested: Stabbing

Unexpected - YouTube - TLC

Breaking TLC news: Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer’s ex, Anthony Vanelli has been arrested after he allegedly repeatedly stabbed someone. Who did Anthony reportedly stab several times? Keep reading for all the details that have been made public at this time.

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer’s Ex, Anthony, Arrested: Stabbing

Anthony Vanelli has once again landed behind bars in Florida. According to Starcasm, he was picked up and booked at the beginning of this week for allegedly stabbing his mother’s boyfriend repeatedly using a knife.

Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer’s ex is currently calling the John E Polk Correctional Facility his home as he faces multiple charges including a felony for aggravated battery using a deadly weapon and a misdemeanor for resisting arrest without violence. He is scheduled to be arraigned on July 5th.

Unexpected - YouTube - TLC
Unexpected – YouTube – TLC

The arrest record obtained by Starcasm reports the altercation took place at his mother’s house. Anthony reportedly got into an argument with his mother’s boyfriend who had an issue with Anthony carrying a knife around the home.

Rebecca told the officers she was not in the same room with Anthony and her boyfriend. But, she could hear the conversation through the walls. She recalled her boyfriend asking her son why he was wandering the house with a knife in his hands. Anthony Vanelli responded at the knife was for his protection.

Rebecca recalled things getting heated and the verbal argument became violent. When the disagreement became physical, she said her son Anthony stabbed her boyfriend several times with the knife which first provoked the argument to begin with.

Police later spoke to Rebecca’s boyfriend at the hospital to get his side of the story. Here is the official summary of what police believed happened after speaking to everyone

[Rebecca’s boyfriend] was at home watching basketball when Anthony arrived at the residence. They got into a verbal argument over Anthony walking around the house holding a knife while the children were inside. Anthony then stabbed [Rebecca’s boyfriend] in the back, and he felt a warm sensation. [Rebecca’s boyfriend] was then stabbed multiple times, sustaining puncture wounds to his chest and back. [Rebecca’s boyfriend] proceeded into the garage where his girlfriend’s two daughters were doing hair, and they observed him bleeding. The two girls immediately began to render aid.

The report also confirms Anthony did leave the residence and run down the sidewalk in an attempt to escape from being apprehended.

He has a long rap sheet

Rilah Ferrer’s ex has a long rap sheet and a checkered past. In 2019, he was arrested for domestic violence involving Rilah. In 2021, he was arrested for shooting his former stepdad’s home and stealing his grandmother’s car. Also in 2021, he was charged with allegedly pulling a knife on a woman. In February of last year, Anthony landed behind bars after he attempted to tamper with an ankle monitor and attempted to run from an arresting officer.

So, Unexpected fans are far from surprised to learn he’s landed behind bars once again.

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