Tom Sandoval Phones Into Dead Friend’s Funeral Via FaceTime

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Vanderpump Rules fans are now learning that Tom Sandoval phoned himself into his dead friend’s funeral via FaceTime with the help of his parents. Why didn’t Tom Sandoval just drop his plans and travel to St. Louis for his friend’s funeral? Keep reading for the details.

Vanderpump Rules star suffers tragic loss

It was just a few days ago that Tom Sandoval took to Instagram to reveal a dear friend of his had passed away. Tom shared a plethora of photos and a video clip as he mourned the deep loss of a friend he had known since he was just a child.

He penned in his tribute to his late friend, “The love I have for you is way beyond words I will carry u forever in my heart. Always cherishing the beautiful memories, uncontrollable laughter, and epic experiences we had together. You were My best friend, my brother. I’ll catch u on the next sunrise…”

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Considering how close Tom Sandoval claimed to be to his late friend and how much his friendship meant to him, Vanderpump Rules fans were surprised to learn he did not attend the funeral. Some fans wondered if Tom avoided the funeral because of Ariana. Fans, however, have since learned Ariana did NOT attend the funeral either. Instead, she sent flowers. So, why didn’t Tom Sandoval attend the funeral? Why did he phone it in instead?

Tom Sandoval attends funeral via FaceTime

Turns out, Tom Sandoval had a pretty good reason for not attending the funeral. His friend was found dead around 4 P.M. on Friday. His body was released to his family and immediately buried the next day. So, there just wasn’t enough time for Tom to make arrangements and travel to St. Louis before the funeral. Fortunately, his parents were able to attend the funeral in his absence and they FaceTimed with Tom so he could “be there” to say goodbye.

Speaking to TMZ, Tom’s friend’s sister explained that because of the family’s religion, it was necessary for Ali’s body to be buried as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this meant not waiting days or giving Tom (and other friends) time to travel to St. Louis to pay their respects.


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Tom Sandoval, however, did make a trip to St. Louis on Sunday. And, he spent some time with his late friend’s parents to mourn the loss together.

Fans can only assume it broke Tom’s heart that he couldn’t get to St. Louis fast enough to be there for the funeral.

Rest in peace, Ali Rafiq.

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