Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix Mourn Death: Who Was Ali Rafiq?

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Tragedy struck last week causing Vanderpump Rules stars Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval to mourn the death of a dear friend named Ali Rafiq. While Bravo fans’ hearts broke for the scorned lovers as they mourned a mutual friend, fans didn’t know very much about their late friend. Who was Ali Rafiq and how did Tom and Ariana know him? Plus, has any information been revealed about his cause of death? Keep reading for a rundown on who the Vanderpump Rules stars’ late friend was and what is known about his cause of death.

Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix Mourn Death: Who Was Ali Rafiq?

Born in Pakistan, Ali Rafiq was a photographer that hailed from St. Louis. He was a close friend to several Bravo personalities including Tom Sandoval, Kristen Doute, and Ariana Madix. Tom Sandoval had reportedly been friends with Ali the longest as the duo had known each other since childhood.

Per Ali’s sister, he was a huge foodie that enjoyed taking photos of his meals and sharing them with the world. She also revealed he had a touch of asthma. But, as far as his family knew, he was a relatively healthy guy with a lot of life left to live.


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Tom Sandoval, Kristen Doute, and Ariana Madix all took to Instagram to pay tributes to their late friend. Kristen’s heart was broken as she shared a picture that was 15 years old. Ariana mourned as she came to terms with not being able to text her dear friend anymore. And, Tom said his love for his friend was “beyond words” and he would carry his friend’s memory with him forever.

Always cherishing the beautiful memories, uncontrollable laughter, and epic experiences we had together. You were My best friend, my brother. I’ll catch u on the next sunrise.”

What Was His Cause Of Death?

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, more information about Ali Rafiq’s cause of death was made public late last night. Per his sister, Ali was dead for approximately three hours before he was found dead on the floor of their parents’ home. Sadly, it looked as if he hit his head on a table after collapsing. At this time, his family doesn’t have a lot of information regarding his cause of death.

Ariana Madix - Instagram
Ariana Madix – Instagram

His death certificate cites “organ failure,” but they are waiting on a toxicology report with more details. His family, however, does take comfort in the fact that no one believes foul play was a factor in his passing.

Rest in peace, Ali Rafiq.

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