Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Return To Amish’ On Tonight?

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Why isn’t a new episode of Return to Amish on tonight? If you are a fan of the show and looked for a new episode tonight, you might be upset. Last week left very open-ended yet when will there be resolve and when will the show come back? Read on for more details.

Why Isn’t A New Episode Of Return To Amish On Tonight?

Last week on Return to Amish, Sabrina Burkholder was rushed to the hospital. It was time for her to give birth to her fifth child, her third with Jethro Nolt. They welcomed a little girl and were over the moon. Fannie, Daniel, and Kenneth promised that they would return to Florida to celebrate the new arrival. First, Fannie had to tell Daniel that she had a crush on him. After she did, he said that he liked her but did not want to ruin their friendship. She still dressed very beautifully for the road trip to Florida and they headed down there.

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Jeremiah Raber got a tattoo honoring his late father and said goodbye to his new biological family. Then, he and Carmela headed back to see the new baby. Yet, Johnny and Rosanna stayed in Pennsylvania as they are trying to sort out their lives as she is pregnant. They want to get married but the Bishop does not approve. As of now, Fannie, Daniel, and Kenneth are staying English and they have realized that their Return to Amish family is their new family. Sabrina even said that her couch is always open.

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Then, the episode ended and that was it. Did the kids go home or did they choose to stay with Sabrina and Jethro? What happened with Rosanna and Johnny? There were so many unanswered questions and sadly, viewers may never find out or not for some time. Last week was the Season 7 finale. Return to Amish has not been renewed yet so what will be taking its place? A fun and family-friendly TLC reality series is returning but what is it?

Doubling Down With The Derricos Is Back!

Next week, the official Season 4 premiere of Doubling Down With the Derricos begins. However, in place of Return to Amish will be an old episode of DDWTD to get fans ready. Fourteen kids and new adventures means that anything can and will happen so it should be exciting. It has been a little over a year since Season 3 ended so the wait has been long. Yet, it seems like it will be more than worth it.

Doubling Down With the Derricos/YouTube
[Doubling Down With the Derricos-YouTube]
Are you sad that Return to Amish is over but excited for the new season of Doubling Down? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. TLC shows suck. I only watch 7 little Johnstons and Return to Amish. TLC has become a trash channel.

    1. I want the Return to Amish. I think the Amish religion stymied the youths life by limiting their education. Religion should not be able to do this.

      1. I too love Return to Amish! TLC APP never posted any epidsodes –so I had to record all episodes they made–But why did TLC post episode 11 and then take it Down! Weird!

  2. How can it just end like that? I know tv shows love cliffhangers but this is crazy. Johnny told Roseanna it was over. What did he mean? Was he leaving his pregnant girlfriend to deal with his mess all by herself in the Amish world? And what about Kenneth? He can’t just go to college without even a GED. He needs to start focusing on more than just basketball. So many questions! I just started watching and I’m already hooked. But I want answers!

  3. would rather Return to Amish comes back. Gotta know what happens. Don’t care for DDWTD. There claim to fame is how many kids can we have.

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