Lydia & Trace Bates Trolled Over Baby Name Reveal

Lydia and Trace Bates - YouTube

Bringing Up Bates stars Lydia and Trace Bates are being trolled after their baby name reveal. It sounds like some people dislike the name they’ve selected, and others have a lot to say about the way the couple shared the big news. So, what did Trace and Lydia do? And how is everyone reacting? Keep reading for all of the details.

Lydia & Trace Bates Reveal Baby’s Name

In case you missed the news, Lydia and Trace are expecting their first baby. He’s due to arrive in September 2023, so it won’t be much longer before they get to meet the little guy. On social media, they have kept fans updated throughout her pregnancy.

Lydia and Trace Bates - Instagram
Lydia and Trace Bates – Instagram

They recently shared their baby boy’s name with the world via Instagram and YouTube. To reveal his name, Trace and Lydia wrote all of their top name options on balloons. One by one, they popped the balloons to eliminate them from the running. The final name was Ryker. Then, they pulled out another balloon to reveal his middle name: Cruise.

Below, you can watch the name reveal video.

Bringing Up Bates Couple Gets Trolled Online

Fans have mixed feelings about Lydia and Trace Bates’ baby name. Some really love it, while others think it’s too trendy or they just associate it with Rikers Island and the jail located in New York City.

On his Instagram Stories, YouTuber and comedian Trey Kennedy reposted a snap from Trace and Lydia’s reveal. He said, “Not sure if the reveal or the jeans are more out of style.”

Trey Kennedy Instagram - Trace Bates
Trey Kennedy Instagram – Trace Bates

Then, on a second slide, he offered commentary on the name choice. He said, “Great pick, guys! Ryker is going to be an awesome big brother, whenever you have his little sibling, Alcatraz.”

On Redditfans are discussing Trace and Lydia’s name reveal as well, and many dislike the name. One said, “I absolutely HATE the name Ryker.”

Another said, “I swear they all try to top one another for the most unusual name.” Someone else chimed in, “Hmm…I wouldn’t want my child’s name to be confused with a jail infamous for abuse and neglect of inmates. But go off I guess.”

So, what do you think of the way that Lydia and Trace Bates announced their baby’s name? Do you think it is creative or overdone? And how do you feel about the name Ryker Cruise? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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