‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Viewers Livid Over Ridiculous Final Puzzle

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Wheel of Fortune viewers are livid over a final puzzle answer. It was supposed to be a phrase. However, upon the great reveal, fans at home were left scratching their heads. How could anyone get this right in that short of a time frame? They soon took to social media to vent their frustration especially after they saw how much it cost the contestant. Read on for more details.

Wheel Of Fortune Viewers Livid Over Ridiculous Final Puzzle

When it comes to the last, big, final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune that is worth everything, a lot is on the line. The scariest part is that the contestant has picked a prize at random. It could be absolutely anything and they are only handed the letters RSTLN and the vowel E. Then, they must hand off some letters and hope it is enough to help them solve the puzzle. A recent contestant, Cesar Redaja, chose “Phrase” for his final puzzle. He picked his card and according to tv insider, Rejada selected “H, G, M, and A” for his additional letters. In the end, his puzzle looked like this: “THAT _AS A _ _ _ _ TAL _A_T_R.”

Cesar ran out of time on Wheel of Fortune so what was the answer? “That was a pivotal factor.” Even host, Pat Sajak had to admit it was not easy but it was a real sucker punch when he opened the envelope. It showed that Cesar would have won 100K. Pat tried to ease the pain of losing all of that money over an insane puzzle. “You know, Cesar did really well tonight, I just wanna point that out. But see, this is fake money. This is just numbers printed on cardboard.” Fans did not go so easy on the show.

“‘That was a pivotal factor’ no one says that smfh,” one person tweeted. Another responded that it is actually common in sports but if one is not an avid sports fan, they may not know. One added: “What type of phrase is “that was a pivotal factor?” #wheeloffortune robbed this guy.” Some simply just could not understand who even said this phrase though it has been cleared up that it’s people in sports.

Should It Be Easier?

Should the Wheel of Fortune final puzzles be easier? No. It does not seem that is what people are looking for. However, it appears that the viewers want phrases that are commonly used by everyone. Not just by a select community. This makes sense but the show has always been hit or miss. In any case, Cesar did a great job and this puzzle was just inordinately hard.

Would you have been able to solve this and did you if you watched at home? Let us know in the comments and watch Wheel of Fortune on weeknights.

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