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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Leaves Fans Yelling At Their TV

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A puzzle on Wheel of Fortune left fans yelling at their television. Host Pat Sajak asked the contestants to guess a puzzle “that started with the same letters.” It left many frustrated and scratching their heads. Keep on reading to learn more and see what happened next.

Confusing puzzle leaves Wheel of Fortune viewers up in arms

On the latest episode of America’s Game Show, the category was “Same Letter.” The puzzle revealed an answer with four words that all started with the letter “C.” There were no more vowels, so the players had to guess. Tom guessed “Carrot Cake & Cinnamon Crisp,” which was wrong. The next player ended up bankrupt and lost their accumulated money.

Vanna White & Pat Sajak [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
The other player correctly guessed the puzzle: “Carrot Cake & Cinnamon Chips.” Some of the Wheel of Fortune viewers at home were upset over the puzzle. It left them feeling a tad bit frustrated. They’ve already been fed up with the “Food & Drink” category, which has left them scratching their heads. Some of them took to Reddit to share their thoughts on this puzzle.

  • “Am I the only one who got infuriated at cinnamon chips!? What even is that?”
  • “I’ve never heard of cinnamon chips.”
  • “I feel this way often when it’s a phrase puzzle.”
  • “Like the writers randomly draw adjectives, nouns, and verbs from a bag and create a ‘phrase’ that is grammatically correct, but has never been uttered by any human ever in history.”
  • “Man! I guess I’ve never heard of cinnamon chips. This puzzle left me yelling at the TV.”
  • “My wife and I were dumbfounded. ‘It has to be ‘chips,’ right? But what is cinnamon chips?”

In that same episode, Pat mocked Tom when he didn’t correctly solve the bonus puzzle. He chose the letters “H, D, P, and A” in the category, “What Are You Doing?” The 10-second timer counted down. The four-word puzzle was unsolved as he made several incorrect guesses. The answer was: “Toying With the Idea.”

Host Pat Sajak mocks losing contestant

Pat opened the golden envelope to reveal a Volkswagen vehicle. He then proceeded to mock the losing contestant. Pat exclaimed: “No, no, no! I feel the same way, and we couldn’t do the car I’m afraid.” Pat took Tom’s hand and said: “This man’s in serious pain!”

Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
He looked around the Wheel of Fortune studio audience and asked: “Is there a doctor in the house?!” Last month, Pat asked hostess Vanna White about what exercises she does at home. He joked that she should mention the street that she runs on. Vanna responded: “No!” as she waved to the studio audience.

What are your thoughts on the puzzle on the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune? Did it leave you feeling frustrated as well? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. tto answer a cinnamon chip is like a ginger snap cookie. very thin cookie seasoned with cinnamon. my granny used to make as a treat for us kids.

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