‘Downton Abbey’: Is A 7th Season On The Way?

Elizabeth McGovern as Cora Crawley and Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley from Downton Abbey, Youtube

Could there actually be a brand new season of Downton Abbey?

After six seasons and two movies, fans are ready for more.

Fans last saw the Crawley family and their servants in 2022 when the second film, Downton Abbey: A New Era premiered in theaters. But the series itself ended in 2015 after six seasons.

So if a seventh season makes its way onto television screens, what exactly can fans expect?

This piece will contain spoilers from the series and both films.

Fans are hungry for more Downton Abbey, though Season 7 isn’t official yet

Since Downton Abbey premiered in the fall of 2010, it’s captured hearts around the world. Fans would absolutely love to see another season happen. Rumor has it that there’s a reboot in the works and producers are trying to get the main cast on board.

A dinner scene from Downton Abbey, YouTube
Downton Abbey/ITV

‘There is a plan which is in development and there is a lot of excitement about,” an insider reportedly told The Daily Mail. ‘There is casting taking place, and it would be great if all of the big stars can return. People loved Downton. It became a British institution and it has been much missed since it left our screens.”

According to the publication, Downton Abbey‘s executive producer Gareth Neame wouldn’t comment when asked whether or not he would revive the series.

His silence could indicate that another season is in the works. It might just be too early to officially say anything yet.

Maggie Smith as Lady Violet from Downton Abbey, YouTube
Downton Abbey/ITV

If Downton Abbey Season 7 does happen, fans will likely have to do without actress Maggie Smith, who played Lady Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham. Despite being a fan favorite, Lady Violet passed away at the end of the second film after battling an illness.

A seventh season could explore how the Crawley family adjusts to life after losing the family matriarch.

Pinning down the original stars will certainly be the tough part

Right now, historical fiction shows are extremely popular. Netflix’s Bridgerton universe and Hulu’s The Great both have fairly large fanbases of their own.

Meaww reports that Downton Abbey Season 7 could be in production as early as next year. But the trick will be getting the main cast members to return.

Since Maggie Smith’s character passed away, she will likely only be present in flashbacks or dream sequences. The real challenge would be to get stars like Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, and Michelle Dockery to all reprise their roles. Downton Abbey really helped many of the cast members grow their acting careers. Now, many of them are so busy that a return may not be quite so simple.

Are you excited about the possibility of Downton Abbey Season 7? Which storylines would you most like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments and follow TV Shows Ace online for more updates.

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