‘GH:’ Haley Pullos In Hit&Run Accident Same Night As DUI Crash

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In a shocking new General Hospital update, Haley Pullos’ wrong-way head-on collision that resulted in her being arrested for a DUI wasn’t the only automobile accident the actress was in that night. Turns, out the 24-year-old has also been linked to a hit-and-run accident that happened just before her head-on collision on the highway.

GH: Haley Pullos Linked To Hit&Run Accident Prior To DUI Crash

Turns out, April 29th was a wild and reckless night for GH star Haley Pullos as she’s now been linked to a second car accident which also happened that same night. In the span of 15 minutes, Haley has now been linked to two separate car accidents.

Per The Daily Mail, the police report reveals that Haley was involved in a hit-and-run accident that happened in Pasadena prior to her driving the wrong way on the eastbound SR-134 freeway.

It had previously been reported that she slammed into a white 2020 Kia while driving the wrong way at about 60 MPH on the freeway at roughly 1:45 A.M. It, however, is now being reported that was NOT her first car accident that night. She is also being linked to a car accident that took place just before 1:30 a.m. The police report claims Haley Pullos crashed into an Oldsmobile with a 27-year-old female driver before speeding off where she got into the second car crash approximately 15 minutes later.

The police report states the young woman from the first car accident did not suffer any serious injuries.

Haley Pullos - Instagram
Haley Pullos – Instagram

She Just Headed To Rehab

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, after news broke of her DUI and the shocking details of her car crash, the actress was spotted adding to a rather lavish rehab in Malibu. Some General Hospital fans are glad she’s getting help. Others, however, argue the rehab sounds more like a spa and aren’t sure it will really offer her any help.

Depending on how long she stays are rehab, she could be looking at a bill that runs her anywhere from $4K for just a week or $30K for a 15-week program.

Following news of her accident and her DUI, the 24-year-old did opt to limit her comments on her Instagram to prevent nasty comments from rolling in.

General Hospital fans are all over the map as far as their feelings on this car accident are concerned. What really has fans upset is the fact that Haley reportedly assaulted the firefighter who was checking her out after she was saved from her car. Most fans, however, hope the young actress gets the help she needs.

Are you surprised to learn she was in a second car accident that night? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more General Hospital news.

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