Jedidiah Duggar’s Latest Post About Truett Breaks Fans’ Hearts

Jedidiah Duggar - Instagram

Former Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar recently shared a new post about his son, Truett, leaving fans heartbroken. Fans are now sharing how they really feel about it and why it’s left them so sad. What did Jedidiah share? And what are fans saying? Keep reading for all of the details.

Katey & Jedidiah Duggar share a new post about Truett.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jedidiah and his wife, Katey Nakatsu Duggar, recently shared a new post with fans. They shared that their son, Truett, had turned one year old on Wednesday, May 3.

Jedidiah Duggar - YouTube
Jedidiah Duggar – YouTube

The proud parents posted a series of adorable photos from his special day. He even wore a personalized shirt for the occasion.

Of course, fans flooded the comments section with birthday wishes for Truett. They can’t believe he’s already a year old. This is a huge moment for him as he will become a big brother later this month. Katey and Jedidiah Duggar are expecting a baby girl named Nora Kate.

Below, you can check out the birthday post dedicated to little Truett.

Why are fans heartbroken by this post?

On RedditDuggar snarkers shared a few of the comments left on Jedidiah’s new post. They pointed out that, while this post was meant to be about Truett’s birthday, Katey being pregnant seemed to steal the show. One fan commented, “Man oh man! When are you due? ❤️”

Another asked where Katey had bought her maternity dress, complimenting her gorgeous look and cute baby bump.

Someone else chimed in, “😮 And another due soon!”

And fans now feel that little Truett didn’t even have a chance to be the baby before his parents announced another pregnancy. Just weeks after his first birthday, he will become a big brother.

Someone said, “I just liked how I opened the comment section and the first comments were about pregnancy things, not the birthday boy.”

One Reddit user described this as a “three month childhood.” Another added that this is a very “sad” situation.

Hopefully, things work out well for Jedidiah and Katey’s family. Despite fans’ concerns, maybe Truett and Nora being so close in age will end up being a good thing.

So, are you heartbroken by Jedidiah Duggar’s post about Truett? Or do you think it’s not such a big deal after all? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

Aubrey Chorpenning


  1. No it doesn’t break my heart. Lots of kids have siblings that close in age? It’s possible for both to have a childhood.

  2. Oh give me a break. Back when I was born, Mom had 4 babies under the age of 3. It was harder for her than it was on us, and being so close in age is a blessing as you grow up.

  3. Have as many babies as you can in the shortest amount of time possible. As long as you can afford them, and as long as they are happy, then God bless you all! I have many relatives who come from HUGE families, and they are all very close in age. (Less than a year in most cases.) These kids are happy, healthy, and very polite and kind even to strangers. They learn how to compromise with loved ones and you wouldn’t believe how well behaved even the youngest ones are when they visit. When other people visit with one or two little kids, it can be extremely difficult to deal with, but in bigger families, the kids are just amazing because they have each other as well as loving parents.

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