Parker Busby Oozes Talent In New Photo: A Natural?

Parker Busby Youtube

Parker Busby is oozing talent in the newest photo shared by her mother and OutDaughtered fans agree the TLC quint is a real natural. What type of photo did Danielle Busby share with fans? And, what do fans think Parker is a natural talent at? Keep reading for the details.

Parker Busby - Youtube
Parker Busby – Youtube

Parker Busby oozes talent: A natural?

Running late, Danielle Busby and four of the quints stopped for a mini photoshoot before heading into their dance class. With two photos and four adorable little girls, it is no surprise fans noticed all sorts of different things in the photos. But, some fans really zoned in on Parker Busby. More specifically, they called attention to the fact that she just seemed to ooze talent and was a real natural at dancing.

In the first photo, fans noticed that Parker had one of her feet up on her toes as she arched her back in a gorgeous dancer pose.

OutDaughtered - Parker - Instagram
OutDaughtered – Parker – Instagram

In the second photo, Parker Busby had one of her legs extended high into the air. One arm was wrapped around Hazel’s shoulder and the other was presumably providing some support to her leg. With a huge smile on her face, Parker looked completely comfortable stretched to the max.

One fan admitted that they didn’t want to hurt the other girls and they are sure all of the quints are great dancers, but there was something about the way Parker stood and smiled that really hit different. The fan pointed out that Parker demonstrated some real flexibility in these photos. And, she looked like a real natural.

The fan penned in a comment liked 100 times by other fans who agreed: “While I’m sure all of them are amazing dancers, Parker really looks like she has the natural affinity for ballet. She’s so flexible that she’s not really lifting her hip to get her leg that high.”

Parker Busby - Instagram
Parker Busby – Instagram

She has come a very long way

OutDaughtered fans agree that Parker Busby has come such a long way. She used to suffer pretty intense anxiety and fans feared for her mental health. She, however, as seemingly found her way and shines just as bright as her sisters.

Do you agree that Parker Busby seemed to just ooze talent for dancing in the photo? Do you think she may have found her calling? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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  1. I think that dance has given Parker the boost she needed to excel but looks like Ava isn’t too far behind her!

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