‘Love Is Blind’ Shayne Exits Social Media After Unstable Behavior

Shayne Jansen- Netflix

Love Is Blind has started to get a lot of backlash lately from fans and the cast. One of these cast members, Shayne Jansen thought he had found love in Season 2. Not only did he leave the show heartbroken, but his mental health definitely suffered. Other cast members have come out to say that they have deep emotional scarring from the show as well. In fact, it turns out that social media has been a breeding ground for hate for the cast. More so, social media has led plenty of the cast to hit their breaking point. Is Shayne Jansen one of those people?

Shayne Jansen’s Love Story

When Shayne Jansen appeared in Season 2, he fell in love with two different women. He had feelings for Natalie Lee and Shaina Hurley. In the end, he chose to marry Natalie and they had quite a tough time on their journey to the altar. Natalie and Shayne’s relationship was not exactly rainbows and unicorns. There was more drama between them than anyone ever thought!

Natalie and Shayne had a horrible argument right before they went to the altar. This happened when the cameras weren’t rolling, but Natalie has been open about how badly he hurt her. Even though “no” was the answer at the altar, it turns out they tried to date again, but that just didn’t work out.

The couple battled it out on social media and different podcasts, but in the end, they seemed to calm down a little bit when it comes to throwing stones at one another. However, they still continued to post on social media. Or so we thought.

Natalie Lee & Shayne Jansen- Netflix
Natalie Lee & Shayne Jansen- Netflix

Love Is Blind Drama

Although Shayne Jansen from Love Is Blind has been very active on social media. His followers started to notice some changes in his behavior. His Instagram account is generally filled with gym pictures and videos. He also added some content when he appeared on Perfect Match on Netflix. He has done a lot of Live videos with his fans and he has gained quite a following.

In his latest Live, fans began to notice something odd about his behavior. He was bouncing all over the place and acted very erratic. One of his fans was able to take the video and share it on TikTok. As fans watched, they were very concerned about how he was acting. As soon as the video was posted, it turns out that Shayne is now taking a break from social media. He told fans, “Everyone Loves A Scandal. I’ll see y’all next week or month.”


He’s always been energetic but seems to be on something? Hope he gets help ❤️ #shayne #loveisblind

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What do you think about Shayne Jansen’s behavior on his Live? We would love to hear your theories about what exactly was going on in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Love Is Blind.

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