Savannah Chrisley Catches Heat For Exploiting Little Sister Chloe

Chloe and Savanna [Source: Instagram]

Savannah Chrisley is catching some pretty intense heat as fans accuse her of exploiting her little sister Chloe. Is what she’s doing with Chloe considered exploiting? Does Chloe have a say in what Savannah posts about her on social media? Here’s what fans have had to say about it.

Savannah Chrisley under fire for exploiting little sister Chloe

The past few things Savannah Chrisley has posted featuring Chloe on her Instagram has made fans a bit sick to their stomach. For starters, fans were pretty much in agreement that Chase and Savannah did NOT handle the death of her pet fish very well. Chloe Chrisley made it clear at the beginning of the video that she was not happy with Savannah’s decision to put the ordeal on Instagram. As the video progressed, things became more uncomfortable as Savannah and Chase seemed to be making a bit of a mockery out of the situation. Ultimately, fans just think this situation could have been handled in a way that was much more respectful of Chloe’s feelings.

Over the weekend, Savannah also uploaded a video revealing that Chloe was reaching the age where she needed to start wearing deodorant. During the video, Savannah likened the smell coming from Chloe to “onions” as well as a burger joint. Possibly feeling embarrassed, Chloe fought back claiming that Savannah had yet to shower that day and the smell could have been coming from her. Savannah, however, countered that she showered before bed and Chloe was just trying to distract everyone knowing she smelled bad.

Fans worry Chloe has no voice in what goes on social media

On social media, Chrisley Knows Best fans are seriously questioning if Chloe Chrisley, as a minor, has a say in the types of things that Savannah (and Chase) post about her on Instagram. The individual went on to clarify that the video about Chloe’s dead fish felt both “exploitative and cruel.” The individual went on to add that it was painfully obvious nothing about the video was in the best interest of Chloe.

In the comments, fans agreed that this is one of the reasons Savannah was not an ideal person to take on raising Chloe. Fans pointed out that the dead fish is not the type of video Todd would have ever posted on Instagram. In fact, Todd Chrisley did not make a habit of posting Chloe very often on his profile at all. He had actually told his listeners on his podcast that he did not post about Chloe very often because of the cruel comments they often received regarding her.

So, fans fear Savannah might not be protecting Chloe in the past way possible when it comes to posting on social media.

Do you think Chloe Chrisley has a say in what Savannah posts on Instagram? Does it feel like she’s exploiting her little sister with these videos? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. there is nothing wrong with it at least chole not on tik tok doing crazy things like other young girl she is a very smart girl and savannah is only asking what to do or what to buy that right for chole im so sick of people always looking down on people there to much going on in this world and they always want to talk about someone else they been threw enough they dont need people to keep drain them down i love all of them keep doing you savannah keep your head up and dont worry about those hater much love

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