Savannah Chrisley Has Special Man Helping Her Raise Sister Chloe

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Savannah Chrisley leans heavily on one special friend to help support her as she raises her sister Chloe while her parents are behind bars.

Chrisley Knows Best alum Savannah’s world turned upside down when her parents were collectively sentenced to 19 years behind bars. In an instant, Savannah went from being a young and single woman in her 20s to being a stand-in mother of two. As fans know, Savannah’s mother was sentenced to seven years behind bars. So, Savannah is in charge of the rest of her brother Grayson’s childhood, his entry into adulthood, and most of Chloe’s teenage years.

Fortunately, Savannah Chrisley hasn’t been left to completely fend for herself. In her time of need, Emmy and Chase are always ready to step in and help with Chloe. Savannah, however, has one special friend who has seemingly taken a very hands-on approach to help her raise Chloe. Who is this friend that has stepped in to help? Scroll down for all the details.

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah Chrisley – Instagram

Savannah Chrisley gets help raising Chloe from special friend

Fans admit they are heartbroken that Savannah Chrisley was forced to take on her sister Chloe and her brother Grayson at the prime of her life. For the next seven years, Savannah has to learn to put her life on pause and put Chloe first. Fans have questioned if this is something Savannah will be successful at doing as her father Todd once said she was too selfish to even have a dog.

Chadd Bryant - Instagram
Chadd Bryant – Instagram

Over the past few months, fans have given Chase Chrisley grief for not being there more to help his sister Savannah with Chloe. He, however, has proven to be there when Savannah needs him via Instagram updates of their situation.

Savannah Chrisley, however, isn’t alone in raising Chloe. She has one friend who has been a constant in all of her Instagram updates. Her best friend Chadd Bryant, who happens to be a celebrity stylist, has been a constant in updates Savannah shares about Chloe. This seemingly includes fun things such as going out to eat for dinner and more simple things such as going to the grocery store. Savannah revealed Chadd was helping her get ready for Easter this year. And, he even recently helped set things up for Chloe to get a pet fish.

Chadd Bryant - Instagram
Chadd Bryant – Instagram

Chadd Bryant has been Savannah’s best friend for a long time and he’s always been fairly close to the Chrisley family. As far as fans know, it was Chadd who drove one of Savannah’s parents to the prison to surrender a few months ago. The family was rumored to have used Chadd and Nic thinking their vehicles were less likely to be spotted by paparazzi.

Over the years, fans have constantly suspected Chadd was Savannah’s boyfriend. Chadd, however, is Savannah’s gay best friend. So, that is a romance that just isn’t going to happen.

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