Discovery Bringing ‘Survive The Raft’ To HBO Max

Survive the Raft / Warner Bros Discovery

Warner Bros. Discovery is rebranding HBO Max into just Max as they attempt to let fans know there is more to the streaming service than just prestige television. With that, they are also adding a huge list of reality TV shows to the service.

This includes the new upcoming show Survive the Raft. Here is what you need to know.

What is Survive the Raft on Max?

Survive the Raft is a Discovery Channel series that will explore what happens when strangers from all walks of life come together to live and work at sea. The show was announced when Warner Bros. Discovery announced its upcoming slate of originals for the soon-to-be-rebranded Max streaming service.

There will be nine episodes in the reality TV series, based on the behavioral study by Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genovés in 1973. In that study, Genovés observed if people from different cultures and backgrounds could set aside their differences and work together on a 101-day voyage on the Acali.

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That is the same basic storyline from this new reality TV series. Fifty years after that study, Discovery has a new raft and a twist on the original study. United States Army Green Beret, NFL football player, and actor, Nate Boyer hosts the reality show as people from around the world will work together.

The show films near Panama’s Pearl Islands. There will be nine diverse contestants who will set off on Acali II for a 21-day trip to see if they can work together or if their personal interests will sabotage the team’s chances of winning a fortune by working together. Every time the team completes a mission, money will be added to a communal cash pot that they will split evenly between those who reach the end.

This includes physical and intellectual challenges designed to disrupt and divide the group. After every episode, the team will decide if they will keep working together or if they will kick someone off the raft to replace them with someone new. The question is whether “the good for all outweighs the good for one.”

Survive the Rift premieres in July on Discovery Channel and Max.

Max is a new direction for HBO Max

When Warner Bros. and Discovery merged, the new parent company began making a lot of changes. The next will hit in May when HBO Max transitions into Max. The purpose was because Warner Bros. Discovery believes HBO’s name makes people think of prestige television, and the company wants its name to show they have more than just that on the service.

This will also coincide with Discovery adding all their shows to Max and making it a one-stop shop for everything the service has to offer, including its massive library of reality TV shows.

Does Survive the Raft sound like something you will want to watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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