‘AGT’ Simon Cowell Shocks With Huge Weightloss

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America’s Got Talent host Simon Cowell was spotted seemingly hiding his shocking weight loss under a pair of baggy jeans as he stepped out in LA recently for filming. 

The talent singing competition singer and music mogul stunned everyone by looking slimmer than ever when he stepped out in LA recently. Per The Sun, Simon Cowell was on his way to film America’s Got Talent when the photo in question was snapped. Fans of the 48-year-old agree Simon has lost a ton of weight. And, he appeared to be hiding just how much weight he has dropped under a pair of baggy jeans.

Simon Cowell [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]

Simon Cowell slimmer than ever, hiding weight loss under jeans

In photos obtained by The Sun, Simon Cowell was spotted just as he got out of his luxury black Rolls-Royce. Making his way to the set, Simon was wearing his signature skin-tight black short-sleeve shirt that put every curve of his muscular torso on full display. Fans, however, took notice of how defined his upper body and arms looked in the black shirt. Fans also took notice of how slimmed down he looked in both his stomach and his waistline.

Simon Cowell brought his casual look together with a pair of shiny black pointy shoes. He was also photographed with his silver Macbook tucked under his muscular arm and his black leather briefcase securely clenched in his hand.

Rocking a pair of circular sunglasses, Simon looked in the direction of the cameras and had a bit of a serious expression on his face in some of the photos. As fans know, things are hopping for Simon Cowell right now as he looks forward to Season 16 of Britain’s Got Talent as well.

Prior to the Premiere of Season 16, Simon Cowell mentioned how much he loves Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent because a person no longer has to win the show to launch a career for themselves. Thanks to social media, just a person’s audition going viral is enough to put them on the map.

Where things have changed a lot from where we started is it always used to be about the end prize. Now a good audition that goes viral can open so many doors, that’s what makes us stand out from other shows

Both AGT and BGT fans hope the music mogul is taking care of himself as he drops a serious amount of weight. Do you think Simon Cowell is looking a lot thinner these days? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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