‘Star Wars Visions’ Gets Volume 2 Trailer

star wars visions volume 2 trailer
Nick Davis

Star Wars Day 2023 is going to bring with it a slew of new stories as Star Wars Visions drops its Volume 2. The anthology animation series is finally back after a nearly two-year gap since the first volume. This time around, the scope of the episodes is bigger than ever before. Volume 2 is bringing the franchise international in a way no one has ever seen. So let’s talk about Star Wars Visions Volume 2 and some of the exciting new characters and stories it’s going to show off.

Volume 2

The trailer for Star Wars Visions Volume 2 just hit the internet the other day and already has the fanbase at attention. The animation styles are all as wildly different-looking as they are beautiful. It’s clear that no two episodes this time around will feel remotely similar, and that’s to this show’s benefit.

Volume 1 of Visions was a combination of the biggest sci-fi franchise and anime. Each episode was done by a different Japanese studio and covered a different story. For Volume 2, however, Japan is only handling one of the episodes. The other 8 episodes will each be made by a different animation studio from an entirely different country. Yes, Volume 2 is spreading the galaxy far-far away around the world everywhere from France to South Korea to South Africa. It’s an extremely exciting and ambitious idea for a Star Wars project, and for many of these countries, it’s likely very exciting to see their own creators handling this property for the first time.

The trailer showcases everything from exciting lightsaber duels to stop-motion Wookies. There’s even a yellow lightsaber for Star Wars lore enthusiasts who always love to see less common saber colors in use. So it’s going to be an exciting addition to the galaxy.

Star Wars On Disney+

Disney+ is taking on a massive load of Star Wars content in 2023. The Mandalorian Season 3, The Bad Batch Season 2, and Star Wars Visions Volume 2 are just how it’s kicking off this year. Just the other day fans got their first look at the premiere season for Ahsoka. And one more new show, Skeleton Crew, is also set to get its premiere season later on in the year.

The franchise has gotten more content in the last few years than it got in the first three decades of its existence. For context, it took around three decades to get Episodes 1 through 6. Plus a cartoon and a handful of other things. But since the Disney takeover, there are 5 new films and 10+ new shows all since 2015. Is there too much Star Wars now, or are you happy with all the new content? Let us know.

star wars visions volume 2 sith
A sith lord from ‘Star Wars Visions’ Volume 2

Star Wars Visions Volume 2 is coming to Disney+ on May 4th.

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