Caleb Willingham Confirms Marriage With Tammy Is Over?

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Caleb Willingham has seemingly broken his silence and confirmed his marriage to 1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton is, in fact, over.

Fans think Caleb Willingham may have been subtly confirming his relationship with Tammy is over as he fights to move past his heartbreak. What did Caleb post that makes fans think this way?

Tammy Slaton has been dropping hints the relationship ended

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported over the weekend, Tammy Slaton has been dropping hints she’s no longer married to Caleb Willingham. On just about every social media profile she has, she has dropped “Willingham” from her display name and reverted back to being just Tammy Slaton.

Tammy Slaton- TLC
Tammy Slaton- TLC

Caleb Willingham was reportedly never actually married to Tammy

As Tv Shows Ace has also previously reported, there have been rumors swirling that Tammy and Caleb’s marriage was never real. These rumors suggest the marriage was simply a story arc crafted by TLC. As fans who have been watching the show know, Tammy is getting her life together. She’s finally losing weight and moving in the right direction. So, getting her life together to the point of a shot gun wedding certainly spiced up the storyline. Likewise, the shotgun wedding also presented the idea that Tammy might be pregnant.

As fans who have watched all seasons of the show know, Tammy Slaton has never really been single. Each season, there has been a significant other of some sort in Tammy’s life. In the past, her significant others were not good for her. But, some fans really liked Caleb. Others, however, thought he was a stalker and only interested in the paycheck that came attached to being with Tammy.

Tammy Slaton- Instagram
Tammy Slaton- Instagram

Some fans believe this marriage was crafted by TLC with the intention of it not lasting because nothing makes for a more juicy storyline than a failed marriage. Fans, however, did some digging and discovered the paperwork was never really filed on this marriage. So, Caleb and Tammy were never legally man and wife.

Caleb Willingham seemingly confirms marriage is over

On his Facebook profile, Caleb Willingham has seemingly confirmed he is no longer in a relationship with Tammy Slaton. For starters, he changed his profile to a picture that did NOT include Tammy. He also posted a number of things on his profile that sound like a man struggling with feelings that come up after a relationship ends. For example, one cryptic thing Caleb posted was that everything happening to him right now was just part of “God’s plan.”

Caleb Willingham Facebook

His Facebook posts also seemingly imply he may have not been completely on board with this relationship coming to an end. But, skeptical fans argue his hesitancy could be because it means he won’t be on television anymore and not because he actually loved Tammy.

Do you think Caleb and Tammy are over? Let us know in the comments down below.

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