Shanna Moakler Owns Her ‘Unbothered Pretty Girl Vibe’

Shanna Moakler [Source: YouTube]

Shanna Moakler owns her “unbothered pretty girl vibe.” She made it known in a new selfie. Keep on reading for more and see the shot for yourself.

Shanna Moakler walks on the wild side

Last week, Shanna Moakler shared a shot with her followers. The former Playboy model wore a dark brown animal print halter, which featured a circle ring at the bust. She posed confidently with her left hand on her hip. Shanna rocked a full face of makeup and a high ponytail.

Shanna Moakler Wears Cardigan [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She smiled directly at the camera as she posed in front of a gray wall. You could see the blue glass-framed mirrors behind her. Shanna looked incredible in the shot. She revealed how confident and strong she was.

“On my unbothered, peaceful, pretty girl vibe! ❤️👸🏼⚓️” Shanna Moakler wrote in her caption post.

Shanna Moakler Wears Animal Print Halter [Source: Shanna Moakler - Instagram]
[Source: Shanna Moakler – Instagram]
She also included the hashtag “Namaste B*tches.” Shanna is living her life drama-free these days. Fans took to the comment section to react. Some of them couldn’t stop talking about how pretty she looked in the photo.

  • “So pretty. 😍🔥”
  • “Pretty mama!!! ☮️❤️🤗 Love you!”
  • “Beautifulest. 🙌❤️🔥😍”
  • “Natural beauty. 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘”
  • “Very pretty and natural.”
  • “Gorgeous.”

Others fans agreed that they could see Shanna Moakler’s growth and it’s been wonderful to watch on social media. One fan admitted that it took them until they turned 38 to learn how to take “the high road from bad parenting.” However, there were some fans who were concerned about her daughter Alabama Barker.

Concerns for Alabama Barker grow

For the past few years, there have been concerns over Alabama Barker. Some fans think her parents Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler should step in and help her out. They feel uncomfortable when they see the 17-year-old’s selfies. They also think Alabama shouldn’t be dating boys her age and partying with older people.

One fan brought it up in the comment section. They feel that Alabama “is on a path to destruction.” The user asked Shanna Moakler to step in and help her daughter. The fan seemed genuinely concerned about Alabama and wanted to see her succeed.

Alabama Barker Snaps Selfie [Source: Alabama Barker - Instagram]
[Source: Alabama Barker – Instagram]
Her lifestyle reflects that of sex, guns, drugs, gangs, and violence. Your daughter is a beautiful young lady that could have a bright future,” the fan wrote.

However, Shanna didn’t respond to the fan. Alabama’s parents allow her to do whatever she wants. She hasn’t shown any signs of trouble or distress. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the concerns about her livelihood and well-being.

What are your thoughts on Shanna Moakler owning her “unbothered pretty girl vibe”? Do you agree that she’s shown a lot of growth? Do you think she’s responsible for her daughter? Sound off below in the comment section.

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