‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff’s Video Shows Cracks In Marriage


Little People, Big World cast member, Amy Roloff is very active on social media when she is not filming the show. She shares cooking videos on Instagram with her fans frequently. Amy generally features a special guest in her videos and in her latest one, her husband, Chris Marek showed up. Fans watched on and they began to notice something about their relationship in the video. Could there be some hints at a failing marriage? Let’s take a closer look.

Amy Roloff’s Newest Video

In Amy Roloff’s newest cooking video on Instagram, she and Chris made one of her favorite meals. Amy chose this meal because it had some special memories for her. She told her fans that it reminded her of when she and Chris went to Italy. They made chicken and a creamy sundried tomato sauce. As fans watched them tackle this meal, they couldn’t help but notice some odd behaviors between Chris and Amy.

Amy Roloff- Instagram
Amy Roloff- Instagram

As soon as fans watched the video, they began to point out some interesting behaviors between the couple. One of them pointed out that the couple didn’t even make eye contact. They asked them if they were doing ok. This wasn’t the only fan that mentioned it. Another fan added, “It’s obvious they’re not happy.”

Amy Roloff and Chris have been married since August of 2021 but had dated three years beforehand. There have been a lot of questions about why she hasn’t changed her last name and if Chris and Amy are in a stable marriage.

Is Amy Disrespecting Chris?

As much as her fans love to watch her videos and show her support, Amy Roloff gets a lot of backlash for her decision to keep the Roloff name. There are fans who feel that this is very disrespectful to Chris. This constantly can be seen in the comments section of her Instagram posts. Even in her latest video, fans were quick to start in on her again. One told her that they understood exactly why she kept her last name and she should ignore the haters.

Another fan wrote to her asking her when she was going to change her last name. They got a lot of hate because other fans felt as if this question needs to stop. They made it a point to chime in that the Roloff name is her brand and that is how people find her.

Amy Roloff- TLC
Amy Roloff- TLC

Amy Roloff will continue to share these videos and fans do hope that she and Chris are doing all right. What do you think about them not making eye contact with each other? Do you think this shows cracks in their marriage? We would love to hear what you have to think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more on Little People, Big World.



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