‘LPBW’ Fans Beg Amy Roloff To Stop Disrespecting Her Man

Amy Roloff & Chris Marek- TLC

Little People, Big World cast member, Amy Roloff, has been posting a lot of videos lately. Additionally, she has shared some of her new items on her website. From selling fudge to teaching fans how to cook, Amy loves to push Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen now that the show isn’t on TLC. However, in one of her newest videos, her fans got pretty upset about the way that she disrespected her husband, Chris Marek.

Cooking With Amy Roloff

This week on Instagram, Amy Roloff wanted to share a very special recipe with her followers. For St. Patrick’s Day, she and Chris shared how to make one of her favorite dishes. She grew up eating a lot of cabbage and thought that she could make a soup of her own with cabbage as the main ingredient. She called it her “Un-stuffed Cabbage Soup” and told her fans that it would be on the website. As fans watched her make the soup with Chris, they just couldn’t help but wonder why she is disrespecting her man.

Amy Roloff- Instagram
Amy Roloff- Instagram

One of her fans wanted to ask her exactly what was on their mind. They wrote, “Why is she using Roloff instead of Marek?” This started an entire chat with her followers too. Another asked her why she didn’t change her last name when she got married. Followers told each other that it was probably for business purposes. Amy has always used “Roloff” for business purposes. Her fans seemed to be equally separated when it comes to the use of her last name.

Making Money From The Kitchen

Amy Roloff has always loved to cook and we have seen this on Little People, Big World since the show began. She comes up with her own recipes and shares them with her fans. Now it looks as if she is working toward bigger and better things. Recently, she shared with her fans that she had partnered with another big brand. This shook her fans because they weren’t too sure if this was something they wanted to support. It seems that Amy has partnered with Home Chef on her new videos.

Amy Roloff- TLC
Amy Roloff- TLC

Amy’s fans just wanted to let her know that they prefer her personal recipes to those of Home Chef. They felt that she could do much better if she was just cooking for herself since she has the knowledge already.

Amy Roloff enjoys sharing her cooking, but would want to pay for her subscriptions or recipes? Do you feel that she has been disrespectful to Chris in her cooking videos? Should she change her name or do you understand why she hasn’t? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us here at TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.


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