‘GMA’ Lara Spencer Works Butt Burner In Black Leggings

Lara Spencer [Source: YouTube]

Lara Spencer worked out her butt burner in tight black leggings. The GMA star took to her Instagram feed to share a clip from her exercise. She’s been back on the road to recovery after her surgery. Keep on reading to learn more.

GMA co-anchor has surgery

Last month, Lara Spencer sparked concern among fans. In December, she injured her foot and underwent surgery. The Good Morning America co-host had fans wondering if she was feeling 100% herself again. She shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself with co-anchor Robin Roberts.

Lara Spencer [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Fans noticed that she wasn’t wearing her surgical boot anymore. Lara rocked the accessory for several weeks. She was first spotted with it in early January following her surgery. Fans took to the comment section of her previous Instagram post to talk about her missing boot.

  • “No more boot?”
  • “Where’s the boot?”
  • “No foot brace?”
  • “Where is the cast? Looks like progress is being made!”

Lara Spencer spoke out about her injury. She revealed what happened to her leg. She joked that she got herself “shiny new wheels.” Lara had to maneuver her way around the GMA set in a blinged-out scooter.

“A torn plantar plate and ligament in my foot that’s been slowly getting worse and worse FINALLY fixed by the magnificent Dr O’Malley at HSS today,” Lara Spencer wrote in a previous Instagram post. “Didn’t want to miss my daughter’s last soccer season or the holidays, so here we are! Rollin’ into 2023 like……. well, I’m not exactly sure but it should be interesting at work.”

Lara Spencer [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
This isn’t the first time that she’s had surgery. When she was 47 years old, she had a hip replacement. She experienced pain in her right hip. Her doctor determined that she had hip dysplasia, which caused the cartilage to wear down over time.

Lara Spencer balances on one leg

Lara Spencer is stronger and better than ever. On Friday, March 31, she shared a clip of herself balancing on one leg. She wore a short white T-shirt with black leggings. Lara also wore bright pink sneakers.

The ABC television personality pulled her blonde back in a half-up hairstyle. She had one foot on the wall behind her as she put her hands in a praying position. In the background, someone was getting a drink or snack. It looks like Lara was at a wellness center.

Lara Spencer Balances On One Leg [Source: Lara Spencer - Instagram]
[Source: Lara Spencer – Instagram]
“Butt burner by Shane at @performanceoptimalhealth,” Lara Spencer wrote in the caption. “Have a wall and a band? You got this.”

Fans took to the comment section to react. Some revealed they’re going to try this move. Others called Lara out for leaving scuff marks on the wall. However, most were impressed by her strength. What are your thoughts on Lara Spencer working a butt burner in tight leggings? Sound off below in the comment section.

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