Lara Spencer Sits Out ‘GMA’ Musical Segment, What Happened?

Lara Spencer [GMA | YouTube]

Lara Spencer sat out a recent segment. On Monday’s broadcast of Good Morning America, fans watched music trio Cheat Codes and country Mackenzie Porter perform. Lara wore a cast for several weeks now. She had to sit down during the lively performance. Keep on reading to learn more.

What happened to Lara Spencer?

Earlier this month, Lara Spencer showed off her new ride after her scary injury. She rode on an embellished scooter. Lara shared a photo of herself behind the scenes at GMA on Instagram. The television personality rode on a hot pink scooter, which featured silver crystals on the handle.

Lara Spencer [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
She sat in her new ride in a white T-shirt, gray pants, and a black-and-white sweater wrapped around her waist. Lara Spencer also sported old white sneakers and a white furry bucket hat. The 53-year-old looked hip for hurting her leg. On her foot was a gray cast, which she swapped out for a protective boot for the past few weeks.

GMA backstage, ABC studios,” Lara Spencer wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. “Doubles as a seat while walking on an elevator. Love this thing.”

Lara Spencer On Scooter [Lara Spencer | Instagram]
[Lara Spencer | Instagram]
Lara Spencer had a difficult Christmas. She returned to work with a big cast on her right foot. The GMA co-anchor revealed that she had a torn plantar plate and ligament that got worse. Her doctor informed her that she would have to undergo surgery.

Lara didn’t want to miss out on her daughter’s important moments. She captioned one post that read: “Rollin into 2023 likeā€¦ I’m not exactly sure but it should be interesting at work.” When she returned to the talk show with her boot and scooter, fans grew even more concerned about her. The concern continued as she had to take a break during yesterday’s show.

Lara Spencer & Rebecca Jarvis [Lara Spencer | Instagram]
[Lara Spencer | Instagram]

GMA co-star forced to take a backseat

Lara Spencer had to sit out the lively portion of Monday’s broadcast. She still kept up the spirit as she sat in her chair and waved around her arms. Lara danced alongside her co-anchor Rebecca Jarvis. “Dance like no one’s watching (And you’re not wearing a boot),” she captioned her Instagram post.

Rebecca took to Instagram to share a video of Lara playing air guitar. She captioned the clip: “Ladies & Gentlemen, Lara Spencer.” Despite her injury, Lara is keeping her spirits high. She even kicked her injured foot to the music. Fans took to the comment section of her Instagram post to react.

  • “Beautiful ladies.”
  • “What great friends?”
  • “Dance girl.”
  • “Outta sight, classy ladies!”

What are your thoughts on Lara Spencer sitting out the GMA segment? Does this surprise you? Did you check out yesterday’s live performances? Sound off below in the comment section.

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