Abby Lee Miller: ‘Bougie’ Todd Chrisley Can’t Handle Prison

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Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller suspects her pal Todd Chrisley isn’t fairing too well in prison because he’s far “too bougie” to be there. Spending a little under a year behind bars, Abby Lee Miller speaks from experience when she says whether or not she thinks Todd will survive behind bars. Turns out, Abby and Todd even spoke briefly via DMs before he went behind bars. Her advice for him, however, was pretty simplistic. And, she suspects it probably wasn’t too helpful.

Abby Lee Miller thinks Todd Chrisley is “too bougie” for prison

Speaking to ET’s Denny Directo, Abby Lee Miller opens up about her thoughts on Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie collectively being behind bars for 19 years. For the most part, her exclusive interview with ET focused less on Julie and more on Todd.

Abby admits that her pal Todd is a “very bougie” individual. In fact, she suspects Todd is having a difficult time adjusting to life behind bars simply because of the lifestyle he is used to living.

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Abby Lee Miller explains it is a lot of small amenities people don’t think about that are going to present real problems for Todd Chrisley. For example, she said simple things like soap and towels are going to be issues for someone as “bougie” as Todd Chrisley. She adds that he “won’t be able to handle it.” 

The Dance Moms star proceeds to explain that there are ways for someone with his level of pampering lifestyle to survive. But, it is a rough adjustment. She explains that if he can figure out how to do “some trade outs” he can get what he needs to survive.

She gave him advice before going in

Abby Lee Miller did have an opportunity to speak to Todd before he went behind bars. She reveals they explained a few DMS related to prison life. During her exchange, she recalls telling Todd to “be careful” during his time behind bars. Unfortunately, Abby didn’t offer any additional information on what they talked about or what types of questions he might’ve asked. But, it sounded like Todd may have reached out with the hopes of getting some solid advice on surviving prison life for him and his wife.

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For the most part, fans are still in shock that Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie are behind bars. Fans, however, do agree that Todd is far too “bougie” for prison and they question how he is making it work.

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