’90 Day Fiance’ Did Isabel’s Family Accept Gabe?

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Did Isabel’s family ultimately accept Gabe on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way? It was very nerve-racking for the couple when they became serious. They knew that they were going to have to tell Isabel’s parents that Gabriel was born a woman. However, what would her very conservative father say and would she have to choose? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance: Did Isabel’s Family Accept Gabe?

Isabel and Gabriel have fallen in love and he ended up moving to Colombia from Florida to be with her. They want to be together forever. More so, Gabriel has plans to ask Isabel’s father for her hand in marriage. Along with Isabel’s two children, the 90 Day Fiance couple headed to see Isabel’s parents. Her parents love Gabriel and are so happy that he brings Isabel so much stability along with her children. She has only been in dysfunctional relationships so to be with someone so stable and loving, they are thrilled.

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However, Gabriel is hiding a secret from her parents and that is that he is transgender. He feels that this is essential to tell Isabel’s parents before proposing to give them transparency and respect. Even if his good friend, Trent had no idea that Gabe was trans until he told him. The look on Trent’s face was a clear shock as Gabe has just been one of the guys to him. At the end of the last 90 Day Fiance episode, Gabe finally told Isabel’s parents that he was born a woman. Fans then had to wait to see what the reactions would be from the family.

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According to People, Isabel’s parents most certainly have accepted Gabriel and who he is. Though her father was shocked, and understandably so, he still cared for Gabriel. “And honestly, I’m surprised — but I hope with time this will become clearer and you can explain it more to me because I would like to understand it. And have another perspective,” Isabel’s father started. He went on to say: “And this won’t change my friendship or my feelings toward the two of you — especially toward you, Gabriel,” Isabel’s father shared.

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For Isabel, she was terrified because she had no idea what would happen. She feared that she was going to have to choose between her 90 Day Fiance love and her father. Now, she does not have to worry about making this decision at all. Despite Isabel’s father being very religious, he admits that he was taught not to judge. This is the most beautiful thing since fans have been rooting for Gabe and Isabel since the beginning. Isabel was happily surprised by how her dad handled it.

Are you excited that Gabriel has been accepted by Isabel’s parents? More so, are you looking forward to his proposal? Let us know your thoughts and watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Sundays on TLC.

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