Kyle Chrisley’s Assault Case Adjourned, Requests ‘More Time’

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Kyle Chrisley was slated to appear in court on March 20th regarding his felony aggravated assault charges. Naturally, Chrisley Knows Best fans are eager for an update on the situation. Did he plead guilty? Has he received a sentence? Will he be serving time behind bars? As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, there was a risk that Kyle could serve even more time behind bars than his father.

For those who have eagerly been waiting for an update on Kyle Chrisley’s current situation — there has been a small one. What happened on March 20th?

Kyle Chrisley assault charge update: Is he doing jail time?

According to Radar Online, court documents confirm Kyle Chrisley did make his first appearance in court on March 20th for the aggravated assault charges against him. His case, however, was adjourned for the time being. Turns out, Todd Chrisley’s oldest son requested additional time from the judge as he was having a difficult time finding a lawyer to defend him.

For those who haven’t been following this story, here’s a quick recap… Todd Chrisley’s 32-year-old son landed in handcuffs on March 13th. He was reportedly beating up his supervisor Deven Campbell. He also reportedly wielded a knife that he threatened to use to stab and kill Deven.

Kyle Chrisley - Instagram
Kyle Chrisley – Instagram

This Chrisley Knows Best news came as a total shock to fans as his father Todd and his stepmother Julie had just surrendered to their own prison sentences two months prior. Likewise, fans were under the impression Kyle had really turned his life around since finding and marrying his wife Ashleigh. So, this news caught fans completely off guard. It, however, did make fans thankful that Todd and Julie left Chloe with Savannah.

Per Radar Online, Kyle Chrisley did show up at Smyrna Municipal Court. He appeared before Judge Brittany S. Stevens. Kyle Chrisley asked if his arraignment plea could be postponed because he was having trouble securing a layer and needed a little more time.

Kyle Chrisley With Ashleigh Nelson [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
To date, no one is really sure what caused Kyle Chrisley to get into a brawl with his supervisor on a worksite. On Reddit, fans thought it was sad that Kyle was struggling to secure a lawyer while his father Todd had an entire team of them. The same fans suspected that if Todd wasn’t behind bars he may have been more inclined to help his son with his current situation.

What do you think about Kyle getting more time because he’s struggling to find a lawyer? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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