‘The 685-Lb. Teen’ 2023 Update: Where Is Justin Williamson Now?

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The 685-Lb. Teen airs tonight on TLC and leaves fans wondering if there is an update on how Justin Williamson is or where he is now with his weight loss. 

A special called The 685-Lb. Teen is airing tonight on TLC in the time slot that usually airs a new episode of My 600-Lb. LifeWhile fans of Dr. Now and his patients are pretty bummed Season 11, Episode 9 isn’t airing tonight, they can find some pleasure in a similar type of show airing instead.

Now, The 685-Lb. Teen starring Justin Williamson and his family first aired back in 2017. So, a pretty significant amount of time has passed since he lost that first 100 pounds and got approved for weight loss surgery. So, it makes sense for those re-watching the episode (or tuning into the episode for the first time) to wonder where he’s at now with his weight loss. Is there a 2023 update on Justin Williamson?

Tv Shows Ace did a bit of digging on The 685-Lb. Teen and what he’s been up to recently.

Justin Williamson - Facebook
Justin Williamson – Facebook

The 685-Lb. Teen 2023 Update: Where Is Justin Williamson Now?

A quick search for an update on Justin Williamson reveals that most outlets really have checked up on him or shared current pictures since back in 2019 (two years after the episode aired). Per Starcasm, Justin dropped over 300 pounds (in this 2019 update) and was preparing to travel abroad to continue to enhance his opera skills. He had plans to attend a music school in Germany.

Fortunately, Justin Williamson does have a Facebook page that allows those who watched him on The 685-Lb. Teen in 2017 or The Doctors in 2015 to get a more current update on how things are going for him.

Fortunately, it hasn’t been that long since Justin uploaded photos of himself to his Facebook profile. He updated his profile picture in both November and October of last year. Here is one of the recent photos he posted of himself on his profile:

Justin Williamson - Facebook
Justin Williamson – Facebook

In December 2021, Justin also took to his Facebook page to share an update on his education.

“I applied to Boston Conservatory for graduate school and I have an audition in February. I am soooo excited…” He revealed in his update.

Justin hasn’t been too shy about posting full-body pictures on his Facebook page. Unfortunately, it does appear as if continuing to lose weight has not been a focal point for him in the last couple of years. While fans agree he certainly looks a lot better than he did on The 685-Lb. Teen, they we a little disheartened to see how heavy he was looking in some of his recent photos.

Justin Williamson - Facebook
Justin Williamson – Facebook

His page, however, reveals that he’s still continuing to live his life and he no longer feels trapped inside his home.

Did you enjoy watching The 685-Lb. Teen? Had you watched this before tonight? Let us know in the comments down below.

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