‘My Hero Academia’ Season 7 Is Already On The Way

my hero academia season 7 teaser
Nick Davis

The finale for My Hero Academia Season 6 is finally here, and fans already have a teaser for the seventh season.

Toho Animation is certainly wasting no time in generating hype for the next season of the wildly popular superhero anime. Episode 25 of MHA Season 6 just hit merely days ago and there’s already a video promoting Season 7. So what’s next for the show after the Paranormal Liberation War and the Dark Deku era? Will things only get increasingly grim from here, or is there a light around the corner? And when can fans expect this new season to begin premiering? Let’s talk about Season 7 of My Hero Academia.

The Seventh Season

The teaser for Season 7 of the show hit Toho Animation’s official YouTube channel recently. It’s very clearly more of a season announcement than anything to actually show off what’s to come in the next episodes. The trailer is only 20 seconds long and features no footage that everyone hasn’t already seen.

my hero academia season 6 poster
A poster for Season 6 of ‘My Hero Academia’

So this new teaser is mostly just a confirmation that, yes, the season is coming and is already in the works. Could this announcement coming so soon after the Season 6 finale mean Season 7 may have a quick turnaround time? Maybe. There’s never been a season of My Hero Academia in the past that didn’t take at least a year from the previous finale. The fans would certainly love to see new episodes even sooner than spring 2024. But it’s probably for the best, quality-wise, that there’s at least a year-long wait for Season 7.

At least it’s not the 2+ year wait time that fans of shows like Jujutsu KaisenOne Punch Man, and Attack On Titan have to experience.

What’s Next For My Hero Academia?

So what is there to expect from Season 7 of My Hero Academia? Season 6 covers all the way through Volume 33 of the manga. Currently, there are only 37 volumes of the manga, so the year-long wait for a new season also gives writer Kohei Horikoshi time to pump new chapters out. Fans can expect to see Season 7 start out by covering Volume 34 of the manga, which is titled United States Of America.

Yes, the next season of MHA will cover the American hero Stars and Stripe’s arrival in Japan. It’s always interesting to see Japanese writers handle American characters. It gives fans from the US a chance to see the perception of their country and culture from the perspective of another country and culture. It’s going to be an interesting season, no doubt.

my hero academia volume 33 manga cover dark deku
The cover for Volume 33 of the ‘My Hero Academia’ manga

My Hero Academia Season 7 should be arriving sometime in 2024. The entirety of Season 6 is available for streaming now on Crunchyroll in the US.

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