Amy Halterman Shocks Fans With Latest Video Of Gage

Amy Halterman and Gage Halterman from Instagram

1000-Lb Sisters cast member, Amy Halterman has been going through a tough time lately. She recently left her husband, Michael Halterman, and took her sons with her. It looks as if Amy is living with her sister, Tammy Slaton these days. While at her house, Amy shared videos of herself and the boys. In fact, in her recent video of Gage, fans were shocked at what they saw.

Gage’s Video Gets A Lot Of Backlash

As soon as Amy Halterman posted a new video for Gage on TikTok and as her fans watched, they had a lot to say about the house. In the video, Gage is dancing and having the greatest time of his life! Of course, this was great for Amy’s fans to see, especially since things seem so bad right now. As much as her fans wanted to just focus on how adorable Gage is, they couldn’t help but notice the mess.

Amy Halterman- TikTok
Amy Halterman- TikTok

Behind Gage, viewers saw some blankets and pillows thrown all over the living room. It also looked like there were food crumbs all over the floor. Of course, as soon as they saw this, they were quick to start throwing shade Amy’s way. One of them wrote, “CAUTION! MESSY HOUSE.” Additionally, there were plenty of comments about how great of a dancer he is and how cute he is.

Amy Halterman Gets Parenting Advice

Being on a reality show, Amy Halterman will never get away from the public eye. In fact, this has been tough on her as a single parent. In a recent post, fans pointed out that she needs to be careful with her sons. She shared a photo of him stepping on the scale and weighing himself. Her fans think that this is damaging behavior that has to be stopped.

Amy Halterman- Instagram
Amy Halterman- Instagram

Not only that, her sister Tammy was seen babysitting for Amy and putting Gage in front of the iPad for a few minutes. Even though this also could be damaging behavior, some fans supported the decision. It turns out that no matter what Amy does, some of her followers will always be on her case about parenting. Additionally, other fans give her their full support and have told her to keep her head up during this tough time. Amy has her plate full right now, but at least she has family that is able to help her.

What do you think about Amy Halterman’s newest video of Gage? Do you think that the house is too messy for kids? What would you suggest she and Tammy do to keep it up better? We would love to hear your comments below. You can stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb Sisters.


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  1. cluttered maybe…..dirty its not!! give them a break. 2 little boys are a handful. Amy is doing fine.

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