Amy Halterman Ripped For Damaging Behavior Toward Son Gage

1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Halterman was ripped by fans for her damaging behavior towards her son Gage. The mother of two shared a TikTok video of her son trying something new. This comes after news of Amy and Michael’s possible split started making the rounds. Although the couple hasn’t officially confirmed their split, she has already moved out of her house and is now living with her sister Tammy Slaton. So, what is this damaging behavior fans noticed in Amy Halterman’s new TikTok video? Keep reading to find out the details!

Amy Halterman Films Son Gage Checking Out His Weight

On Tuesday, the TLC star shared a clip of her two-year-old son Gage on TikTok standing on a set of scales. In the video, Amy was heard exclaiming, “It’s a scale!” as her son stood on the device and bent his knees to check his weight. The electronic scales then announced Gage’s weight which was, “28.4 pounds.”

Gage Halterman Amy Halterman Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Amy Halterman captioned the video, “When ur mom on a weight loss show!!!”

Fans Claim Introducing Weight To A Child Can Be Damaging

While several fans noticed how Gage is growing up fast and found the clip cute, some thought it wasn’t something a small kid should learn about.

One fan commented, “Don’t teach the baby about scales it ruined me.”

Gage Halterman Amy Halterman TikTok

[Source: TikTok]

Another agreed, “I feel like it’s kind of damaging to introduce weight to a small child.”

Last month, an insider close to the Slaton sisters revealed that Amy and Michael are headed toward a divorce. The insider mentioned, “Amy says Michael is lazy and has been jealous of her attention toward the kids. They’ve been having trouble since last year.”

Amy Halterman Wants Her Kids To Be On The Show

Moreover, the couple has also been fighting over their two sons. Although both Gage and Glenn have contracts with TLC, Michael doesn’t want the kids to be on the show. However, Amy feels otherwise and they have been fighting over this for months.

Michael and Amy met in high school and they were in a relationship for several years. The pair then eventually tied the knot on March 15, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. The news of the wedding came after Michael revealed that they eloped in June 2017 in a clip he shared on his YouTube channel.

Amy Halterman 1000-Lb. Sisters Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Recently, the reality star was seen flaunting a costly Gucci bag in a new picture. Although it isn’t confirmed if it was really a Gucci bag or a knockoff, fans are happy that Amy is happy and moving on. They even noticed that she is looking slimmer than before.

So, what do you think of Amy Halterman introducing scales to her son Gage? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


    I kind of thought this was CUTE!

    Besides, Gage could celebrate his Gaining weight on his way to boyhood!

    I guess it could be tapered back (much) later on so he doesnt get the idea “more weigh-the better”, but….

    1. They can’t because they have never had a job and dunno how to work for a living so they do this show in order to get big money. So they do this because they have no brains or beauty so they used their weight for a show and if I hear any comments out of their mouth saying b_____s one more time I am gonna write the station or start a petition against this show being on air on prime time where children see it .Never has there been any show where the word f___ and b_____s used as often and used around two infants which makes this show a disgusting decision for TLC to make and it shows that TLC will let anything slide in front of an infant or child and TLC seems not to care. This station is getting so bad with all the shows they air that they seem to think that people actually care. All it does is make me mad to think people really think this kind of show is entertainment or humor. Two overweight women who have zero class is not funny or entertaining.

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